The M&A spotlight moved away from Cadbury this week and shone on JBS, the Brazilian meat group, which, in two fell swoops, looks set to become the world's largest meat processor. The dairy sector - in the UK, Europe and Down Under - hit the headlines, while Australia's grocery retail sector should soon see more competition after the watchdog struck a deal with Woolworths Ltd and Coles, the country's two largest players.

"Today is a remarkable day for JBS. We are vey optmistic about the future with these two acquisitions" - Wesley Mendonca Batista, chief of JBS's US business, on the group's deals with Pilgrim's Pride and Bertin.

"Since de-regulation, we've done virtually nothing to promote what's good about milk" - Robert Wiseman Dairies marketing director Sandy Wilkie says the time is right for a UK campaign to promote milk.

"A great opportunity is taking lactose out of our dairy products. We should we leave this to the soya boys?" - Andy Smith, MD of UK cheese maker Lactalis-McLelland, urges dairy groups to look for pastures new.

"European milk producers are in active contact with one another. 130,000 dairy farmers in 14 countries are all organised in the umbrella association of the European Milk Board. The milk strike has to be expected to spread" - Sieta van Keimpen, vice president of the EMB, warns direct action in dairy could continue.

"To be successful and achieve the best possible payout for farmers, Fonterra can't afford to have hundreds of millions of dollars washing in and out of the balance sheet every time milk production fluctuates" - Fonterra chairman Sir Henry van der Heyden sets out the case for restructuring the dairy giant's capital base.

"This is a major breakthrough for grocery competition in Australia" - Grant Samuel, head of Australia's competition watchdog, says consumers face more choice and lower prices after a regulatory deal with Woolworths and Coles.

"In a nutshell, this campaign is part of the new claim of Carrefour: the positive is back" - the French retail giant on its new EUR1 marketing campaign.

"So it's official, our smoothies can put you well on your way to your 5-a-day" - smoothie maker Innocent cheers the backing from UK ad regulators.

"We are delivering on our promises, generating the revenue growth, margin improvements and strong earnings growth our investors are looking for" - Cadbury CEO Todd Stitzer insists the UK confectioner can thrive on its own.

"We are confident that the lawsuit is without merit and will vigorously defend ourselves against these allegations" - Nestle hits back after Weight Watchers International files a trademark lawsuit against the Swiss food giant in the US.