Ezaki Glico: Glico Atsuiyaki Cookie [thick baked cookie]. These bite size soft and moist cookies are baked from a thick dough. Two varieties - sweet potato, powdered green tea with choco chips. The sweet potato cookies contain 30% sweet potato in the dough for a rich flavor. Cream is added to the dough for a mellow and moist mouthfeel. The powdered green tea cookies with choco chips have a Japanese taste. Aimed at women in their 20s - 40s. Packed in a box, guide price Y250.

Kanebo Foods: Kanebo Nobyuun. This fun candy for children is a chewy type candy that stretches readily. It is packed in a tube. Two varieties - grape flavor, cola flavor. 48 g bag Y100, 80 per case.

Snack Foods
House Foods: House i chips. A new flavor, potato salad, added to the original 2 varieties of preformed potato chips launched late last year [see JAPANSCAN January 2000 page 9, number 81]. This potato salad flavor variety contains red peppers, parsley and mayonnaise kneaded into the dough. Healthy potato chips. Packed in 2 x 40 g bags inside a paper cylinder Y180. The smaller size 40 g bag appeals to young women.

Tohato: Tohato Non-GMO Yaki Ebi and Tohato Non-GMO Yaki Morokoshi [yaki means fried, ebi means prawn and morokoshi is sorghum]. All of the ingredients in these two corn snack foods are non-GMO - corn, fats and oils, sugars, etc. This corn snack has a safety and security image. Japanese consumers are very concerned about genetically modified foods, so this is a good sales point. The prawn variety of this corn snack is also made with fresh prawns (approx. 20 g per bag) and natural sea salt rich in minerals. 85 g bag. The sorghum variety of this corn snack is also made with organic sorghum and natural sea salt. 90 g bag. Guide price for both is Y130, 20 per case.

Functional Foods
Kanebo Foods: Kanebo After Five Gum. This chewing gum contains 25 mg ADH [alcohol dehydrogenase] per stick in a mint flavor sugarless gum. This functional gum relieves the after effects of consumption of alcoholic beverages. It should be chewed at the same time as drinking alcohol. 24 g box (5 blocks of gum) Y200, 120 per case.

Health Foods
Asahi Beer Yakuhin: Asahi Aloe Jelly. Individual bite-size jelly desserts containing Aloe Vera leaves and concentrated aloe juice plus royal jelly rich in amino acids, vitamins and minerals. The dessert contains dietary fiber (as much as 2 sticks of celery) to promote the growth of bifidus bacteria in the intestines plus 1,000 mg vitamin C per bag. 12 individually wrapped bite-size portions per 60 g bag Y200. Sales target 500,000 bags.

Sugar-free Products
Asahi Beer Yakuhin: Asahi Cool Dental. This sugarless soft candy contains non-cariogenic xylitol and apple polyphenols which prevent dental caries and halitosis. Flavored with mint, the candy has a cooling effect on the tongue (partly due to the xylitol). Xylitol content more than 70%. Delicious soft candy that is tooth-friendly. 52 g bag Y200, 8 candy stick pack Y150.

Diet Products
Ezaki Glico: Glico Light Support 35 kcal . This diet balance food in the form of bite-size bars is in two varieties - French toast flavor sweetened with maple syrup, mild chocolate flavor. One box supplies 140 kcal plus 1/3 the daily requirement of 8 different vitamins, iron and calcium to compensate for the dietary deficiency when slimming. Aimed at women in their 20s. One box contains 4 bars (35 kcal each), guide price Y148.

Nutritional Supplements
Mitsui Norin: Catechin Esthe. A beauty supplement for women, it contains catechins, collagen, vitamins B2, B6, C, and E, etc. Sugar-coated tablets in an attractive bottle Y3,000, for sale by mail order.

Ice Milk
Sentan Ice Cream: Panna Parlor Parfait Latta Mont Blanc. A Panna Parlor brand ice milk parfait dessert type ice. A blend of vanilla flavor and marron (chestnut) flavor ice milk topped with marron sauce and filled into the parfait dish tornado style. The ice milk is topped with roast chestnuts in syrup. 250 ml parfait cup Y250, 12 per case.

Lactic Ice
Lotte Reika: Lotte SOH [the name means refreshing]. Created to satisfy consumer demand for a refreshing flavor combined with a premium ice cream taste. Carefully sized pieces of ice mixed with vanilla ice produce a surprising mouthfeel. The refreshing flavor and the new distinctive square cup have both contributed to the excellent sales of this novel product first launched in 1999. It has become a big hit for Lotte. The national launch of the 200 ml square cup was in January this year [see JAPANSCAN January 2000 page 6, number 50]. Now Lotte is launching a family size multipack of smaller size cups suitable for younger children up to junior and senior high school. 2 x 100 ml twin pack (3 twin packs per box) Y380, 6 per case.

Water Ice
Kanebo Foods: Kanebo Fruit Ice Bar - Orange. This sorbet bar has a 30% orange juice content. The novel aspect of this product is the packaging. Kanebo claims that this heat-insulated pillow pack solves the problem of family pack ices melting before the shopper can get them home. This pack will keep ices frozen for 60 minutes at ambient temperature without melting. Pillow pack of 7 x 60 ml bars Y300, 6 per case.

Meiji Milk Prod: Meiji Crangrape Jelly [cranberry and grape jelly]. This chilled jelly dessert is made with the juice of cranberries and Concord grapes (15% cranberry juice plus 3% grape juice). This jelly has a very refreshing fruity flavor and good elasticity. It also contains nata de coco [fermented coconut milk] to add a chewy texture. 110 g polypropylene cup Y100, 12/case.

Glico Kyodo Nyugyo: Glico Tsubuyori Ichigo Yogurt [yogurt with choice chunks of strawberries]. This low-fat type yogurt has a smooth and creamy mouthfeel and is reduced in acidity and sweetness. Attached to the base of the cup of yogurt is a separate cup of fruit sauce. This fruit sauce contains chunks of fruit. The consumer pours the fruit sauce over the yogurt. This strawberry fruit sauce is made with red Oregon strawberries blended with grapefruit and apple juices plus a hint of rum for an adult taste. 100 g yogurt + 18 g sauce Y120.

Dairy Desserts
Calpis Ajinomoto Danone: Calpis Jelly. This jelly dessert is made with the drink Calpis, a product of subjecting skim milk to lactic fermentation by lactic acid bacteria and lactose-fermenting yeast; it is similar to kefir. The drink Calpis has been on the market in Japan for over 80 years. This jelly has the sweet and tangy flavor of Calpis [similar to yogurt] in a jelly form. The pack design mirrors the original design of the drink when it was launched in the Taisho era in Japan [1912-1926]. 120 g cup Y95.

Bread Rolls
First Baking: Dai Ichiya Hello Kitty brand filled bread rolls in three varieties - Cream Cheese Bread, Yogurt Cream Bread, Mini Croissant (mayonnaise flavor). Y120 each.

Meat Products
Fukutome Meat Packers: Sui.shio.sumi ni Kodawarimashita [carefully prepared with water, salt, charcoal]. A series of products prepared with natural rocky spring water rich in minerals filtered through charcoal for superior flavor, and natural salt. Extremely low level of additives. Sliced roast ham 68 g, thigh ham 73 g, bacon 70 g, roast pork 66 g, coarse ground long pork weiners 125 g, all Y198.

Sauces for Korean Foods
Moranbon: Maguro Kimchi-don no Tare [sauce for tuna and kimchi (Korean-style hot pickle) on rice]. One of three new sauces from Moranbon to be sold at fresh seafood outlets. This sauce is to be added to sashimi of tuna and pickled Chinese leaves, and the mixture is then placed on a bowl of steamed rice. The sauce, based on high quality soy sauce, contains sesame oil, grated garlic, chili powder and yan'nyom-jang [fermented herb sauce]. 90 g aluminum stand-up pouch. Y160.

Chinese-style Seasonings
S and B Foods: S and B Rayu [layou Chinese spiced oil]. This spiced oil is popular in Japan where it is used in Chinese foods. There are two varieties, one contains chili to produce a hot and pungent flavor. This is a product relaunch with a reduced price. Both in 330 ml bottles with one-touch flip cap with no leaking. Price reduced by Y25 to Y130, 120 per case.

LL Cup Noodles
Sugakiya Shokuhin: Sugakiya Nama-type Assari Shio Udon [LL light seafood udon (wheat noodles)]. This new LL cup noodle product [boiled noodles in a retort pouch in place of dried instant noodles] features a healthy image with a generous amount of nori and wakame seaweeds. The semi-fine LL noodles, smooth and al dente, are made entirely from wheat flour produced in Japan. They are completely sealed in a retort pouch to achieve long shelf life. The salt flavor soup, based on clam and scallop extracts, is flavored with kombu kelp extract. The garnish includes wakame seaweed from Sanriku (Pacific coast in north Japan), roasted nori seaweed, deep-fried surimi balls with crab flavoring, scrambled eggs, aburaage [fried tofu] and strips of leeks. No weight quoted, Y230, 24 per case.

Cup Noodles in Bowl Shape Cups
Nissin Food Prod: Nissin Yakisoba Curry U.F.O. This cup noodle product is a new addition to the Nissin Yakisoba U.F.O. series. The lustrous and smooth Chinese-style noodles are designed to combine well with curry sauce and spices. The sauce contains sweet and spicy liquid sauce with curry flavor and curry spices from Kashmir. The garnish includes large pieces of cabbage, carrots and onions. 100 g noodles Y155, 12 per case. Sales target Y800 million.

Frozen Ready Meals
Snow Brand Milk Prod: Snow Brand One More Dish - Spicy Tandoori Chicken. A new variety in the One More Dish series of frozen ready meals that require just a little preparation, so the cook can serve this as a home-cooked meal. Made with tender fresh chicken wings from Kyushu (not previously frozen), marinaded in yogurt and 11 different spices. Just coat in oil and bake in the oven. The chicken has not been fried, which gives this dish a healthy image. 200 g pillow pack (8 x 25 g) Y360.

Retort Packaged Ready Meals
Otsuka Chemical: Ozuka A! Aretabeyo New Beef Curry and Rice. A new addition to this highly successful series of ready meals in a two compartment retort tray with unique new lid. The cooked rice is in one compartment and the beef curry in the other. The pack design is patented. The beef curry is medium hot strength and also contains vegetables. 370 g Y350. Also in this series are 100% beef hamburger curry and rice 370 g Y370, 100% beef keema curry and saffron rice 360 g Y350. Ambient shelf-life 8 months.

Hanamaruki: Hanamaruki Instant Fresh Miso Soup [translation]. This miso soup is made with fresh miso. Packed in single portion sachets, special offer of 12 sachets for the price of 10. This is high quality miso soup with good flavor. Y150, 60 per case.