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Ben Cooper is just-food's contributing editor and specialises in business ethics, corporate social responsibility, policy issues and sustainability. He holds MAs from Cambridge University and the University of London, respectively in Social and Political Sciences and Social Policy.

He joined the just-drinks editorial team in 2000 and today works across both just-drinks and just-food, while also writing occasionally for just-style.

In addition to his regular features, Ben has written numerous in-depth management briefings on issues such as alcohol policy, sponsorship, the Fairtrade market, the use of food colourings and environmental issues facing the clothing industry.

He also writes regularly for Ethical Corporation magazine which specialises in the corporate social responsibility field.

He lives in London where he also works as a professional singer.

Articles by Ben Cooper

Sugar reduction could be area where industry and NGOs find shared interestConsuming issues: No candy-coated arguments at sugar summit 14 July 2014

Last week, medical professionals, industry representatives, policy advisors and others gathered in London to discuss the health impacts of sugar consumption and what government and food companies can do to mitigate them. Ben Cooper was there.

OxfamConsuming issues: Oxfam as industry's "critical friend" 30 June 2014

Oxfam's latest analysis of the food industry's efforts on to tackle climate change demonstrates how the NGO can partner with industry at time but still play a role in handing out stinging criticism where necessary, Ben Cooper believes.

Industry programmes on supply chain, including CocoaAction, have hit recent headlinesSustainability Watch: Supply chain focus comes down to four-letter word 27 June 2014

Among all the sustainability issues food companies are addressing, agricultural supply chains are month by month becoming an ever more predominant focus. In his fiftieth Sustainability Watch feature, Ben Cooper reflects on why.

There is no specific sugar reduction pledge within UK governmentComment: Sugar reduction pledge, not tax, could interest regulators 25 June 2014

A tax on sugar has again hit the headlines in recent days, with a call from campaign group Action on Sugar and, significantly, after a key expert on obesity said new policies should be looked at. However, Ben Cooper says evidence sin taxes work is sketchy, although he argues Action on Sugar's separate call for an industry pledge to lower sugar could interest regulators.

Shrimp scandal sends shock waves down supply chainFocus: Thai seafood scandal puts food supply chains back in the dock 20 June 2014

Harrowing accounts of forced labour, torture and murder on board fishing boats providing feed for the massive Thai shrimp industry have shocked the public and given the global food industry tough questions to answer about its ability to ensure ethical standards in complex supply chains. Ben Cooper reports.

CocoaAction seen as a step in the right direction Focus: Oxfam welcomes CocoaAction initiative as "positive signal" 11 June 2014

As the 2nd World Cocoa Conference takes place this week in Amsterdam, a major subject of discussion will be the CocoaAction programme which was launched last month by 12 major cocoa and chocolate companies and was formally presented to the conference this morning (11 June).

Palm oil partners ponder a challenging futureRSPO: Palm oil partners ponder a challenging future 9 June 2014

Members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) gathered in London last week to discuss immediate and long-term challenges facing this multi-stakeholder coalition as it seeks to accelerate progress and build a sustainable global palm oil supply chain for the long term. Ben Cooper reports.

Government support sets CocoaAction apart from previous schemes, World Cocoa Foundation saidSustainability Watch: Bill Guyton, World Cocoa Foundation 30 May 2014

The cocoa sector has arguably spawned more than its fair share of sustainability initiatives and programmes. Ben Cooper asks Bill Guyton, president of the World Cocoa Foundation, what sets the recently-launched CocoaAction, a plan aimed at "building a rejuvenated and economically viable cocoa sector", apart from what has gone before.

FAO-founded Save Food is studying supply chains - including for tomatoes - in AfricaConsuming issues: Why understanding food wastage is vital 28 May 2014

The considerable attention given to the topic of food wastage over the past couple of years has ensured the issue has grown both in public awareness and also as a priority for companies and policymakers seeking to make the global food system more sustainable.

EU food makers issue sustainability declaration Focus: EU food sector unites in joint sustainability declaration 27 May 2014

Agricultural, manufacturing and retail partners within the European food sector have collaborated in a joint declaration of some 32 sustainability policy recommendations for European lawmakers. Ben Cooper reports.

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