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Across European markets, promotions vary wildly, again with often poor results despite high levels on promotion The consistent inconsistency of European promotions 5 October 2015

Are promotions leading to increased sales in Europe's major grocery markets? IRI's Jacques Dupré analyses how discounts are affecting sales, finding a mixed picture, and warns manufacturers of the dangers of sustained high levels of promotion.

France price war continues with significant discountsIRI's inside track: Why price must not be only path to growth 27 April 2015

Despite signs economic conditions in Europe are improving, competition on price remains fierce in a number of markets. However, manufacturers must use more weapons that just simply price in their quest for growth, IRI's Jacques Dupré argues.

Shopper trends: is a low-price strategy sustainable? 28 February 2013

The price gap between private label and brands did, in the main, close in the last quarter in 2012, according to the latest figures from the just-food international basket. SymphonyIRI, which compiles the data for just-food, argues the numbers support its belief that an over-use of price-based promos is dated.

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