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The market for low-sugar chocolate remains smallConfectionery: Chocolate and the scrutiny on sugar

10 March 2014

Sugar is under the spotlight, with academics and NGOs emphasising what they see as its central role in growing obesity. Such views are gaining more mainstream media attention, which has profound implications for the food industry and, in particular, for the chocolate sector. However, what are the prospects for low-sugar chocolate? Jonathan Thomas investigates.

Bakery is one of the fastest-growing areas of the gluten-free market in the UKGluten free: The UK market

30 April 2013

The UK continues to witness a rapid increase in demand for gluten-free foods. The sector represents the largest within the UK market for free-from foods, targeted at people with food allergies or intolerances, and it is a category seeing dramatic growth.

Global regulation of gluten-free labeling varies Gluten free: The marketing and regulatory environment

30 April 2013

As the market for gluten-free foods expands in the future, it is highly likely the way companies target and market their products may undergo some form of change.

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