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Peter Crosskey is an English freelance who specialises in the francophone world. Based in the UK, he has been a journalist since 1986. Peter has worked on the staff of a number of trade press titles, including Fishing News, Fishing News International and The Grocer, where he was commodities editor, before turning freelance in 2001.

During the past two years he has written extensively for an EU-level group of NGOs on the ARC2020 website.

Articles by Peter Crosskey

FRANCE: Manufacturers hit back at "devious" retailers in price row

23 December 2013

French food manufacturers have hit back at claims from the country's grocery retail association that suppliers are set to extract price rises from retail buyers, pushing up shopping bills.

FRANCE: Leclerc to issue virtual receipts

18 March 2013

Michel-Edouard Leclerc, the president of French retailer E.Leclerc, has said the group is planning to become the first food retailer in France to issue virtual receipts.

FRANCE: Hollande calls for European action on ready-meal labels

25 February 2013

French President François Hollande has demanded EU labelling requirements for meat in ready meals.

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