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Nostalgia: as good as it was?

13 November 2009

Life on Mars, Spandau Ballet, the Fiat 500 - it seems consumers of 2009 are bombarded almost daily with retro echoes from twenty and thirty years ago. But how do food retailers concretely tap into this nostalgia for a modern audience? Garnering empirical data for the trend is still at an embryonic stage and will become a crucial tool to maintain the trend once the recession ends. Using updated advertising and harking back to old-fashioned childhood reminisces are also key, but so is new media as Simon Warburton reports.

BELGIUM: Delhaize expands discount pilot

23 October 2009

Delhaize opened its second pilot Red Market store in the Belgian town of Andenne today (23 October).

UAE: Auchan dips toe in Middle East

2 October 2009

Retail group Auchan has taken its primary steps into the Middle East with the opening of its first store in Dubai.

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