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'Emigrated' from north-east England to France over 20 years ago, setting up initially as a freelancer covering French business developments for the English-language press across a broad range of sectors. Stuart then spent several years with Reuters in Paris, before returning to freelancing. He began working for just-food and other ‘just’ titles in 2002.

Articles by Stuart Todd

Cerealia owner set for sale talks 22 May 2015

Alphabeta 4, a company indirectly controlled by Norway-based private-equity firm IK Investment Partners, is poised to start talks with Sagard Private Equity Partners to buy French chilled dough business Cérélia.

Cooperl to sell Broceliande ham in China 22 May 2015

French pork processor Cooperl is poised to launch its Brocéliande brand cooked ham on the Chinese market.

Bonduelle faced criticism over ingredientsBonduelle under fire for meat flavourings 15 May 2015

Bonduelle has admitted the flavourings of some pan-fried vegetable dishes contain meat extracts in minor quantities that do not appear on recipe labels.

LDC and Duc among French companies finedFrench poultry firms handed moderate fines 7 May 2015

France's competition regulator has issued fines worth over EUR15m to 20 poultry firms for breaking competition rules - but admitted the penalties were more moderate than usual.

Fatal explosion at French desserts firm Senagral 26 March 2015

One person has been killed and two injured following the explosion of a machine at a Senagral dairy plant in Jouy, in France's Burgundy region.

The Agrial and Eurial proposed merger is on holdAgrial, Eurial dairy merger put on hold 23 March 2015

The dairy merger between French co-operatives Agrial and Eurial has been put on hold over divergence relating to its scope as originally perceived.

Senoble to appeal cartel fineSenoble: "cartel" fine could see firms out of business 20 March 2015

The CEO of Senoble, one of nine dairies sanctioned by France's competition regulator for taking part in in a price-fixing cartel for private-label products, has said the scale of the fines handed out risks putting some out of business.

French veg co-op Société dFrance veg co-op invests in rationalising operations 20 March 2015

French vegetable co-operative the Société d'Intérêt Collectif Agricole (SICA) de Saint-Pol-de- Léon is investing tens of millions of euros in the rationalisation of its processing operations to put itself on a more competitive footing with German and Dutch rivals.

Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin said fine was "unfair"Another 'yoghurt cartel' firm to appeal 16 March 2015

The Maîtres Laitiers du Cotentin, one of the nine dairy firms fined in a French price-fixing probe, is to appeal the decision.

A CEO of one of the firms admitted one of the meetings had been held in or near his flat in Paris.French yoghurt cartel fines announced 12 March 2015

The French competition regulator has handed out fines worth EUR192.7m to nine dairy firms for their part in a price-fixing cartel for private-label products between 2006 and 2012.

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