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18 May 2012 Talking shop: Price-driven Asda prospers - for now Talking shop
25 Apr 2012 Talking shop: Wal-Mart hit by shock-waves from Mexican scandal Talking shop
16 Apr 2012 Talking shop: Wal-Mart focuses on better international returns Talking shop
3 Apr 2012 Talking shop: Does the hypermarket format have a future? Talking shop
29 Mar 2012 Talking shop: Morrisons ups the stakes with its "Shop of the Future" Talking shop
9 Mar 2012 Talking shop: Morrisons prepares for fresh food battle Talking shop
2 Mar 2012 Talking shop: Tesco looks to retain strong foothold in online channel Talking shop
24 Feb 2012 Talking shop: Wal-Mart makes own move on front-of-pack labels Talking shop
10 Jan 2012 Talking shop: An uncertain future for Bi-Lo and Winn-Dixie Talking shop
13 Dec 2011 Talking shop: Carrefour's Guyenne et Gascogne dilemma Talking shop
28 Nov 2011 Talking shop: Ahold's measured ambitions win plaudits Talking shop
25 Oct 2011 Talking shop: The top tips for online retail in the UK Talking shop
7 Oct 2011 Talking shop: Costco faces questions over fees Talking shop
21 Sep 2011 Talking shop: Uncertainty grows about whether Ocado can deliver Talking shop
2 Sep 2011 Talking shop: Tesco's Japan exit prompts more questions Talking shop
18 Aug 2011 Talking shop: UK food retailers face fresh discount threat Talking shop
3 Aug 2011 Talking shop: Poundland puts expansion plans into action with Ireland move Talking shop
8 Jul 2011 Talking shop: UK makes slow progress on grocery adjudicator Talking shop
14 Jun 2011 Talking shop: Should Makro look to Booker for success? Talking shop
1 Jun 2011 Talking shop: Wal-Mart's African debut Talking shop
25 May 2011 Talking shop: Who's in the running for Iceland? - what the analysts say Talking shop
13 May 2011 Talking shop: Has Tesco been "foolhardy" in the US? Talking shop
28 Apr 2011 Talking shop: Wal-Mart indicates potential of US online grocery Talking shop
15 Apr 2011 Talking shop: Demystifying the Norwegian grocery sector Talking shop
8 Apr 2011 Talking shop: Ban on Spanish planning curbs cheers retailers across EU Talking shop
24 Mar 2011 Talking shop: Metro Group's "record" earnings fail to impress Talking shop
4 Mar 2011 Talking shop: Are the Balkans to become the next retail battleground? Talking shop
18 Feb 2011 Talking shop: Are German supermarkets seeing a renaissance? Talking shop
28 Jan 2011 Talking shop: Canadian retailers face uncertain 2011 Talking shop
21 Jan 2011 Talking shop: Eyes on Wal-Mart as major health initiative begins Talking shop
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