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In the Spotlight - Nestle 24 Oct 2008

Column: In the spotlight

Nestle cheered the market yesterday (23 October) when it upped its full-year forecasts for revenue and profits. Dean Best looks at why, for many industry watchers, the world's largest food group is best placed to weather the economic downturn.

In the Spotlight – Irene Rosenfeld, Kraft Foods 10 Oct 2008

Column: In the spotlight

Irene Rosenfeld, CEO of Kraft Foods, has moved up the rankings of Fortune magazine's 50 Most Powerful Women in Business from fifth to second on the back of the success of her ongoing turnaround strategy for the company. Ben Cooper reports on the changes Rosenfeld has initiated and the reaction they have received.

In the Spotlight: The battle to be “Britain’s biggest discounter” 19 Sep 2008

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As the economic climate deteriorates in the UK, retailers are responding to the increasingly value-conscious concerns of consumers by cutting prices. In answer to a round of price cuts from Asda, Tesco has launched a fresh offensive in the escalating price war with the introduction of 350 new products under the 'Market Value' and 'Discounter' ranges. But is this enough to satisfy shoppers’ hunger for value? Katy Humphries reports.

In the Spotlight - Paul Polman: Nestle to Unilever 5 Sep 2008

Column: In the spotlight

Nestlé executive Paul Polman's surprise move to Unilever has won warm praise from industry watchers, with many believing the Dutchman has what it takes to lead the company successfully in the years ahead. A number of challenges, however, lie ahead at the consumer goods giant, as Dean Best reports.

In the Spotlight - Robert Schofield, Premier Foods 29 Aug 2008

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Premier Foods boss Robert Schofield believes the UK food group is on-track, despite its recent travails. This week, however, when Premier published its first-half figures, the market signalled its concern by sending the company's shares tumbling. Dean Best reports.

In the Spotlight - John Mackey, Whole Foods Market 8 Aug 2008

Column: In the spotlight

The rise and rise of Whole Foods Market, the US-based organics retailer, has been one of the industry's true success stories in recent years. However, with the US embroiled in an economic downturn and shoppers chasing value and shunning the company, can the former Wall Street favourite bounce back? Dean Best reports.

In the Spotlight - Michael McCain, Maple Leaf Foods 25 Jul 2008

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When Michael McCain stepped into the Maple Leaf boardroom in the late 1990s after his family took a controlling stake in the Canadian food group it seems unlikely that he could have been aware of the challenges that lay ahead. The company, which is in the midst of a major overhaul to address the structural shortcomings of its meat and bakery business, is struggling to tread water in the current climate of high costs and declining consumer spending. And while McCain remains upbeat on the Maple Leaf’s long-term outlook some industry watchers are less optimistic, Dean Best reports.

In The Spotlight - John Rishton, Ahold 11 Jul 2008

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John Rishton, the boss of retail giant Ahold, this week reshuffled his management bench amid the company's continuing quest to overhaul its business in the US. The Netherlands-based group insists its plans to revitalise chains including Stop & Shop and Giant-Carlisle are on-track but some industry watchers are questioning whether the business can thrive as competition heats up across the Atlantic. Dean Best reports.

In The Spotlight: Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo 13 Jun 2008

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Under the stewardship of CEO Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo has so far been able to shrug off the rising costs and economic slowdown that has taken the shine off many food companies. Nevertheless, Nooyi remains only too aware of the dangers presented by the current economic climate. Katy Humphries reports.

In The Spotlight - Bill Johnson, Heinz 2 Jun 2008

Column: In the spotlight

Rising costs and weak consumer spending is hitting much of the US food industry but one company weathering the storm is Heinz. Two years after a boardroom battle engulfed the ketchup maker, CEO Bill Johnson has steered the company into calmer waters and has targeted sustained growth in the years ahead. Dean Best reports on how Heinz rediscovered the ingredients for success.

In The Spotlight - Dick Bond, Tyson Foods 16 May 2008

Column: In the spotlight

Tyson Foods, the US meat giant, has not been immune to the strains facing the sector across the Atlantic. Nevertheless, president and CEO Dick Bond is placing his faith in international markets to help Tyson weather the storm. Dean Best reports.

In The Spotlight – Paul Bulcke, Nestlé 11 Apr 2008

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Paul Bulcke has taken the helm at Nestlé during a turbulent time for the food industry. However, the world’s largest food company has, so far, weathered the storm unscathed. In fact, Katy Humphries writes, one of Bulcke’s biggest challenges will be to decide exactly what to do with the billion-dollar payout from the sale of Nestlé’s stake in US eye care company Alcon.

In The Spotlight - Clint Rivers, Pilgrim's Pride 14 Mar 2008

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It has been a demanding first few days for Clint Rivers at the helm of US poultry giant Pilgrim's Pride. Against a backdrop of soaring grain costs, the company has sold off its turkey business and streamlined its chicken operations. And, as Dean Best writes, more tough decisions lay ahead.

In the Spotlight, Sir Stuart Rose, M&S 29 Feb 2008

Column: In the spotlight

Sir Stuart Rose is seen as the man who saved Marks & Spencer, one of the flagship names in UK retail. His achievements even helped him become a knight of the realm in the New Year. However, this year, Sir Stuart is faced with a fresh set of challenges at home and abroad. Dean Best looks at why 2008 could be a pivotal year for M&S and its chief executive.

In the Spotlight - Todd Stitzer, Cadbury 22 Feb 2008

Column: In the spotlight

Todd Stitzer has faced some fierce criticism in recent months as he looks to revitalise Cadbury Schweppes. Dean Best looks at why the man at the helm of the world's largest confectioner had reason to smile this week.

In the Spotlight, Patrick Cescau, Unilever 8 Feb 2008

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Unilever's slow but steady recovery is being put down to the insight of chief executive Patrick Cescau, a veteran of the consumer goods giant. Dean Best looks at what the Frenchman has done to breathe fresh life into the business.

In the Spotlight - José Luis Durán, Carrefour 25 Jan 2008

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Unlike many of his peers in the retail business, Carrefour boss José Luis Durán is confident about his company's prospects for the year ahead. But, as Dean Best writes, Carrefour's performance in France will define whether Durán's optimism is well-founded - or misplaced.

In the Spotlight - Patrick De Maeseneire, Barry Callebaut 11 Jan 2008

Column: In the spotlight

Barry Callebaut, the business-to-business chocolate maker, claims to be the "heart and engine" of the industry. Under the stewardship of CEO Patrick De Maeseneire, the Swiss firm has become the leading player in its sector after a series of astute deals. Dean Best reports.

In The Spotlight - Nelson Peltz 14 Dec 2007

Column: In the spotlight

Nelson Peltz, the billionaire investor, has once again set his sights on Cadbury Schweppes, the world's largest confectioner. After last year's food fight with Heinz, what does Peltz's fresh investment in Cadbury mean for the UK firm? Dean Best reports.

In the Spotlight - Marc Bolland, Morrisons 23 Nov 2007

Column: In the spotlight

Morrisons, the UK's number four grocer, is showing signs of a recovery under chief executive Marc Bolland. Revamped stores, a focus on provenance and ad campaigns including 1960s singer Lulu seem to have caught the eye of UK shoppers. Has Bolland, formerly of Heineken, brewed the perfect recipe for Morrisons? Dean Best reports.

In the Spotlight - Iain Ferguson, Tate & Lyle 2 Nov 2007

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Iain Ferguson, the affable chief executive of Tate & Lyle, has been left battered and bruised this year following three successive profit warnings and a plummeting share price. Earlier this week, those warnings crystallised in a 19% slump in half-year profits. Sections of the City are calling time on Ferguson’s tenure at the head of the food and ingredients group. Dean Best reports.

In the Spotlight - Urs Riedener, Emmi 29 Oct 2007

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As befits a nation of timekeepers, the clock is ticking until Emmi’s new chief executive formally takes up the top job at the Swiss dairy group.

In the Spotlight - David West, Hershey 8 Oct 2007

Column: In the spotlight

David West, the man set to become Hershey’s new chief executive, will be hoping life is sweet at the helm of the US confectionery giant.

In the Spotlight - Eckhard Cordes, Metro 28 Sep 2007

Column: In the spotlight

Eckhard Cordes, the new chief executive at Metro Group, has spent almost 30 years in the automotive industry and will need all his experience to get the German retail giant back firing on all cylinders.