BRICs and beyond

BRICs and beyond

Coverage and analysis of the world's fastest-growing emerging markets

BRICs and beyond: Logistics remains key challenge to Indian expansion

1 April 2014

Getting products on shelves is a significant challenge for food manufacturers and retailers in India, where an under-developed supply chain hampers such efforts. International food groups and logistics companies are working to overcome the lack of infrastructure and, for companies who can offer solutions, a significant commercial opportunity exists. Raghavendra Verma reports.

Confectionery: BRICs and beyond: China a sweet spot for gum makers

24 March 2014

Chewing gum manufacturers have seen sales come under pressure in developed markets in North America and Europe but other parts of the world are providing growth - and China is one such market. Dean Best reports.

BRICs and beyond: Local factors hindering grocery retail in India

30 January 2014

Poor logistics, including a lack of infrastructure and trained manpower, keep modern branded food retail from actualising its potential in India, industry experts have warned.

BRICs and beyond: Lactalis enters India's promising - but challenging - dairy sector

27 January 2014

Put next to China, there has been far less investment in India's dairy sector, which is not as developed as in its BRIC counterpart. However, earlier this month, Lactalis, the French dairy group and the third-largest processor worldwide, confirmed months of speculation it would enter India with the acquisition of local group Tirumala Milk Products.

BRICs and beyond: WhiteWave, Mengniu JV poised for growth

9 January 2014

WhiteWave Foods and Mengniu Dairy are eyeing growth in the Chinese nutrition sector through a tie-up announced earlier this week. The deal will enable WhiteWave to rapidly build scale in the Chinese market while Mengniu will benefit from a wider product offering. Katy Askew takes a look at the agreement.

BRICs and beyond: Hershey takes tentative solo step in India

6 December 2013

A year since Hershey took full control of its venture in India - a business that after four years was generating just US$80m in sales and was still losing money - the company has launched its US candy brand Jolly Rancher in the country.

BRICs and beyond: United Biscuits sets sights on Middle East growth

21 November 2013

United Biscuits has signed a deal to acquire a majority stake in Saudi snacks business Rana Confectionery Products. The deal, the UK snacks firm says, will allow it to grow and establish a strong position in Saudi Arabia but also the wider Middle East region with its brand portfolio. Michelle Russell reports.

BRICs and beyond: Mondelez "optimistic" on China future

8 November 2013

Mondelez International has said it remains optimistic about the future of China and expects progressively improving sales from the region next year. Michelle Russell reports.

BRICs and beyond: Wal-Mart, Bharti both stand to benefit from split

11 October 2013

They were partners but Wal-Mart Stores and Indian conglomerate Bharti Enterprises appear better able to take advantage of the potential opportunities in the country's high-growth food retail sector alone. Raghavendra Verma reports.

BRICs and beyond: Huishan IPO shows growing appetite for Chinese dairies

20 September 2013

The successful IPO of China Huishan Dairy Holdings Co. is fresh evidence of growing investor appetite for the Chinese dairy sector. As the largest dairy to operate a fully integrated supply chain in the country, Huishan is well-placed to benefit from recent developments in the industry, Katy Askew suggests.

BRICs and beyond: Mengniu plays catch-up in infant formula with Yashili buy

18 June 2013

Chinese dairy giant China Mengniu Dairy Co. just got bigger. It has entered into an agreement that will see it take control of local infant formula maker Yashili. Mengniu is looking to reverse its fortunes in a category in which it has struggled. However, with concerns over food safety remaining high, there is a long road ahead as the company - and the country as a whole - look to build a safe and reliable dairy supply. Katy Askew reports.

BRICs and beyond: Carrefour takes chance on Africa

11 June 2013

French retail giant Carrefour has announced plans to expand further into Africa through a joint venture with consumer goods distributor CFAO. The deal will see it develop stores across eight countries and represents a new signal of intent from the world's second largest retailer as it looks to place an early marker down in what is becoming a fast growing emerging market. Michelle Russell takes a closer look.

BRICs and beyond: Hershey wisely goes local in China

30 May 2013

Hershey, long criticised for the slow speed with which it entered faster-growing confectionery markets, has seen sales jump in China in recent years on the back of its homegrown chocolate brands. However, chocolate is not China's largest confectionery sector and competition is fierce. Hershey has wisely launched a candy brand targeted at Chinese consumers. Candy is crowded, too, but as, Dean Best writes, the move demonstrates the company knows products tailored to local needs could help it gain ground faster.

BRICs and beyond: Hard-headed Danone makes fresh China yoghurt foray

22 May 2013

Danone is to make another attempt to tap into the booming demand for fresh dairy products in China. The French food group is teaming up with Chinese dairy giant Mengniu, the largest yoghurt producer in the country. However, the two companies' previous attempt as a venture ended after just a year. Can Danone succeed this time? Dean Best reports.

BRICs and beyond: Russian retailer Magnit looks to retain top spot

17 April 2013

Russian retail colossus Magnit has overtaken X5 Retail Group to become the country's largest by sales. While anticipated, speculation is now likely to turn to whether Magnit can extend its lead, or if X5 has what it takes to up its game and claw back the number one position.

BRICs and beyond: Vigor eyes dairy top spot in Brazil

3 April 2013

When Brazilian dairy processor Vigor bought 50% of rival Itambé in February, it said it went from being the fourth-largest in the country to third. However, its ambitions do not stop there, writes Paula Krizanovic.

BRICs and beyond: Dixy takes prudent approach to ambitious expansion

18 March 2013

Dixy significantly beefed up its presence in Russia's food retail sector when it acquired local peer Victoria Group two years ago. While the company still has its foot on the throttle, with some ambitious plans to expand over the next three years, Dixy's attention has now turned to a lower-capital intensive organic growth phase. Katy Askew spoke to Dixy's head of investor relations Natalya Belyavskaya to find out more.

BRICs and beyond: Heinz's Chinese frozen food exit paves way for growth

26 February 2013

The news that Heinz plans to sell its Chinese frozen food business may have raised a few eyebrows. In an environment where food multinationals are seemingly always on the look out for M&A opportunities in dynamic emerging markets, led by China, it is not often that you hear of international firms offloading assets. However, Heinz was coming up against a number of challenges in the category and a more focused, streamlined Heinz in China could be better-placed to drive profitable growth. Katy Askew reports.

BRICS and beyond: Arla Foods plans emerging markets leap

11 January 2013

Growing competition for space in key emerging markets appears to have convinced Arla Foods that it needs to act now if it is to secure a market for its milk supplies beyond 2015.

BRICs and beyond: China's slowdown a bump in the road

22 October 2012

The impact of the global economic crisis can be seen in consumer behaviour the world over and last week it was announced that - as expected - China's economic growth rate slipped during the third-quarter. This has raised concerns that companies attempting to offset weakness in developed economies by tapping into the potential of this emerging world powerhouse could be in for a tough time. Nevertheless, Katy Askew suggests, the underlying growth drivers in China mean that the "sleeping giant's" potential remains vast.

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