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IRI's inside track: The challenge of digital marketing and ROI 26 Mar 2015

Digital media is becoming the marketing method of choice for FMCGs, Carl Carter of industry analysts IRI writes. But can manufacturers truly measure if digital media is helping drive shoppers on the path to purchase?

IRI's inside track: The varied trends for FMCG sales in Europe 9 Mar 2015

The economic performance of markets in Europe was mixed in 2014 and signs of recovery are hard to find in a number of countries. The impact on FMCG sales has been suitably varied. IRI's Tim Eales crunches the numbers to pull out the key trends and suggests some optimism of stronger volumes in 2015.

Shopper trends: The growth opportunities for stagnating private label 2 Feb 2015

Private label is now a mature market - one that has grown quickly over recent years to a position of some strength in the European FMCG industry. A force to be reckoned with, traditionally private label has helped consumers reduce their weekly shopping bills and provide retailers with an extra opportunity to boost sales and grow margin.

Briefing: 2015 preview: Shopper trends - Finding a path to growth in 2015 2 Jan 2015

In such a price-focused environment, manufacturers will need to find innovative ways to grow in 2015. Data, IRI's Anne Lefranc argues, will be central to these strategies.

Shopper trends: How more promotions can mean higher prices for consumers 27 Nov 2014

A focus throughout Europe on offering high volumes of products on promotion is not making the average shopping basket any cheaper, and consumers are not necessarily getting a good deal on price and are ending up paying more for their average shop, according to IRI's Tim Eales.

Shopper trends: Signs of confidence but promotions centre stage 16 Sep 2014

There is a sense across a number of markets that consumer confidence is improving and the latest data from the just-food international basket, compiled exclusively by IRI, shows the total cost of a shop is, on average, increasing. However, consumers are buying more products on deal and the price gap between brands and own label is shrinking. IRI's Martin Wood crunches the numbers.

Shopper trends: FMCG sales under pressure despite economic green shoots 22 Aug 2014

There are signs of economic recovery across much of Europe but grocery sales remain under pressure. IRI's Tim Eales analyses why and suggests how retailers and manufacturers can try to drive growth.

Shopper trends: The World Cup - a victory for retailers? 25 Jul 2014

Now that the football World Cup has come and gone, Tim Eales, director of strategic insight at IRI, examines whether it provided a much-needed boost to UK retailers and food manufacturers, or if England’s early demise meant they lost out too.

Shopper trends: Industry must rethink promo strategy 2 Jul 2014

Across Europe, the level of promotions in grocery stores continued to increase in 2013 - but without boosting sales volumes. IRI's Tim Eales says the sector needs to review how they promote in order to drive sales.

Shopper trends: Prices of own-label and brands converge 2 Jun 2014

In a major consumer recession like the one we've experienced in recent years, one would expect own label to be 30-40% cheaper than brands. But retailers are allowing that price gap to close, writes IRI's Tim Eales.

Shopper trends: How to keep your brands in store 30 Apr 2014

Across Europe retailers are sitting down with brand captains across numerous food categories to review the products that they will stock over the next year.

Shopper trends: Too early to call end to consumer recession 26 Mar 2014

European politicians may be proclaiming the end of the consumer recession, but when it comes to food sales, retailers and manufacturers are continuing to find business tough, writes IRI's Richard Moule.

Shopper trends: Avoiding a promotions catastrophe 28 Feb 2014

In the latest quarterly food pricing barometer for just-food, manufacturers across Europe and the US continue to increase their use of promotions. However, long-term deals reset the shopper's perception of what a product is worth and it can be hard for brands to recover, writes IRI's Tim Eales.

Shopper trends: Measuring the real impact of product availability 3 Feb 2014

The impact of availability gaps is something not regularly measured by retailer or supplier. Yet readily-available information sources can be used to quantify the effect on the bottom line - and help improve the in-store experience for a shopper, says IRI's Mike Ray.

Shopper trends: Cereal firms react as breakfast habits evolve 8 Jan 2014

Major cereal manufacturers are reporting disappointing sales and there has been a decline in volume sales over the last few years. It would be easy to think that this GBP1.3bn market (in the UK alone) had gone stale, but with pockets of growth and lots of innovation, this is one category that is certainly hotting up.

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