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Sustainability Watch

We put the latest CSR moves under the microscope.

Sustainability Watch: Trust and the triple bottom line

20 February 2014

Reflecting their growing significance to businesses across all sectors, issues around sustainability, climate change, food security and the like are now much discussed at the World Economic Forum's (WEF) annual get-together in Davos. Ben Cooper reports.

Sustainability Watch - The GMO labelling debate in the US

30 January 2014

Having witnessed an unprecedented level of discussion in the US over the past year or so, the labelling of genetically modified foods is set to become an even more hotly and frequently debated subject stateside in the coming year. Ben Cooper reports.

Sustainability Watch - Piera Waibel, Lindt & Sprungli

2 January 2014

Lindt & Sprungli has just expanded its cocoa farmer programme in Ghana which will see the company give support to some 45,000 farmers between now and 2016. Sustainability manager Piera Waibel spoke with Ben Cooper about what the company is doing in Ghana and why it has decided not to have any of its brands certified under schemes such as Fairtrade.

Sustainability Watch - Barry Parkin, Mars

30 September 2013

Barry Parkin, chief sustainability officer at Mars, spoke with Ben Cooper about the US giant's sustainability strategy.

Sustainability Watch - Every Crumb Counts

25 July 2013

Food waste is again a hot topic in the food sector with the launch last month of FoodDrinkEurope's multi-stakeholder programme, Every Crumb Counts. Ben Cooper spoke with Tove Larsson, director of environmental affairs at Food Drink Europe, about the new initiative.

Sustainability Watch - Frank van Ooijen, FrieslandCampina

25 June 2013

Netherlands-based dairy cooperative FrieslandCampina recently published its CSR Report 2012. In this month's Sustainability Watch, CSR director Frank van Ooijen speaks with Ben Cooper about how the cooperative structure helps advance the company's ambitious sustainability strategy

Sustainability Watch - Chris Ninnes, Aquaculture Stewardship Council

31 May 2013

The Aquaculture Stewardship Council has made significant strides since its launch in 2010. Chief executive Chris Ninnes discusses its mission and strategy with Ben Cooper.

Sustainability Watch - International Finance Corporation's third-party lending

7 May 2013

The International Finance Corporation (IFC), the division of the World Bank that lends to private corporations, is expanding its profile in the agribusiness sector. In the second part of this Sustainability Watch, Ben Cooper examines IFC lending through third parties.

Sustainability Watch - International Finance Corporation

30 April 2013

In this two-part Sustainability Watch, Ben Cooper looks at the lending activities of the International Finance Corporation (IFC), the division of the World Bank that lends to private corporations, which is rapidly expanding its activities in the agribusiness sector.

Sustainability Watch - Andy McCormick, Hershey

3 April 2013

Hershey has become the latest major chocolate company to make a bold public commitment to sustainable cocoa. Andy McCormick, Hershey's vice president, cocoa sustainability, spoke with Ben Cooper about the company's 21st Century Cocoa Plan and its commitment to collective efforts to achieve a sustainable cocoa sector.

Sustainability Watch - Tanya Barden, Australian Food and Grocery Council

31 January 2013

For January's Sustainability Watch, Ben Cooper spoke with Tanya Barden of the Australian Food and Grocery Council (AFGC) about the organisation's new "sustainability commitment".

Sustainability Watch - Narrowing the Atlantic divide

26 November 2012

It is often said that European companies are ahead of their US counterparts in how they view corporate sustainability, with the latter too narrowly focused on environmental impacts under their immediate control and failing to see the bigger picture. Ben Cooper found at this year's FMI/GMA Sustainability Summit that attitudes are changing.

Sustainability Watch - Jeanne von Zastrow, Food Marketing Institute

18 October 2012

Information sharing and resources to help member companies make their businesses more sustainable feature prominently in the Food Marketing Institute's sustainability platform. At the recent FMI/GMA Sustainability Summit in Washington DC, FMI senior director of sustainability and industry relations Jeanne von Zastrow spoke with Ben Cooper about the organisation's approach and aims.

Sustainability Watch - John O'Maoileoin, Dairy Crest

26 September 2012

An eventful summer, including fierce protests over milk prices, eclipsed Dairy Crest's publication of 40 corporate responsibility pledges. Ben Cooper speaks to the company's John O'Maoileoin about the UK company's initiatives, including its relationships with suppliers.

Sustainability Watch: Tom MacMillan, Soil Association

9 August 2012

In this month's Sustainability Watch, Dr Tom MacMillan, formerly director of the Food Ethics Council and now director of innovation at the Soil Association, speaks with Ben Cooper about the Soil Association's new strategy and the UK government's Green Food Project.

Sustainability Watch: European food's 2030 vision

10 July 2012

As corporate executives, NGO leaders and government representatives count the carbon cost of their sojourn to Rio last month, Ben Cooper examines FoodDrinkEurope's Environmental Sustainability Vision Towards 2030, the organisation's third sustainability report, published to coincide with the Rio+20 conference and underline the European food sector's commitment to collective engagement on environmental sustainability.

Sustainability Watch - Marks and Spencer's Plan A

28 June 2012

UK retailer Marks and Spencer has been marking the five-year anniversary of its Plan A sustainability strategy this month. Ben Cooper reflects on M&S's achievements and the impact Plan A has had on the wider market.

Sustainability Watch - Cornelia Diethelm, Migros

31 May 2012

The Swiss co-operative, Migros Group, comprises possibly the most diverse portfolio of companies imaginable. For the past five years, establishing a consistent approach to sustainability across this varied group of businesses has been the task of Cornelia Diethelm, head of issue management and sustainability. Here she discusses her role and the Migros sustainability strategy with Ben Cooper.

Sustainability Watch - Jerry Lynch, General Mills

30 April 2012

Why do companies invest in sustainability? To save the planet? Not really. Jerry Lynch, chief sustainability officer at General Mills, sees sustainability as an "innovation challenge", while uniting environmental and cost-saving strategies ensures that the sustainability mission addresses both environmental and economic aspirations.

Sustainability Watch - big business in Fairtrade

9 March 2012

As Fairtrade Fortnight draws to a close, Ben Cooper examines whether the advent of big business has transformed more than just Fairtrade's market share.



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