In interview with just-food, Twitter UK sales director Dara Nasr praised work of Sainsburys and Tesco on the site

In interview with just-food, Twitter UK sales director Dara Nasr praised work of Sainsbury's and Tesco on the site

In an increasingly connected world, social media sites like Twitter are becoming an ever-more important way for FMCG brands to interact with consumers. With over 200m regular users worldwide tweeting more than 500m times each day, the potential on offer for brands to reach consumers via microblogging site Twitter is self-evident. Here are five tips for successful branded tweeting from just-food.

Find the right voice

Twitter is a two-way forum and it is important to find an appropriate voice to interact with consumers and build an emotional connection as part of that dialogue.

Be informative

Give detail on products, news, promotions and competitions. 52% of Twitter users follow brands because they like to be notified of special offers or promotions.

Engage in "real-time moments"

Brands can work to engage with people "in the moment" by analysing data that enables real time planning. Tweets can be targeted around issues, TV shows, or even times of the day that people are more likely to be talking about shopping. Join in the conversation where there is a natural fit.

Link to an on-theme event

Tweeting around an event subtly communicates brand identity to Twitter users with similar interests. What you Tweet about and how you tweet it helps develop an emotional connection and allows you to show core brand values. 

Use Twitter as part of a broader marketing drive

Exposure to promoted tweets leads to higher brand association, brand relevance and purchase intent. Twitter users who are exposed to multiple promoted tweets show a 12% uplift in purchase intent.

Statistical data was provided by Twitter UK sales director Dara Nasr. Click here for the full interview with Nasr.