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13 Aug 2002

UK: Asda to create 2000 new jobs in its George clothing department editorial team

13 Aug 2002

UK: Pinguin Foods UK says commercial team in place editorial team

12 Aug 2002

UK: Asda asks produce suppliers to agree to 'open book 'accounting editorial team

12 Aug 2002

UK: Asda launches ‘Techno-Trollies’ to puts brakes on trolley theft editorial team

5 Aug 2002

UK: Iceland sales slump leaves shares in deep freeze editorial team

5 Aug 2002

UK: Asda invests in new city store with focus on food editorial team

1 Aug 2002

UK: Tesco vows to ignore court ruling, and continue selling cheap Levis editorial team

22 Jul 2002

UK: Food retailers lead the way in product, store innovation

15 Jul 2002

Meal solutions: Several steps beyond ready meals

Sue Barnard

15 Jul 2002

UK: Asda announces next phase of speciality roll-out editorial team

27 Jun 2002

UK: Asda announces latest appointments to retail team editorial team

26 Jun 2002

UK: Asda wins court case over EU food classification rules editorial team

21 Jun 2002

EU: Socialist MEPs try to stop sale of loss leaders - Asda comments - MEMBERS editorial team

13 Jun 2002

UK: Asda shops for more financial services editorial team

31 May 2002

UK: Ilchester relaunches Beer Cheese to commemorate 40th anniversary editorial team

28 May 2002

UK: Sainsbury's launches multi-million pound gamecard competition editorial team

28 May 2002

UK: Asda's digital TV home shopping service rolls out editorial team

27 May 2002

Supermarkets, cars and baked beans

Institute of the Motor Industry

27 May 2002

UK: Sainsbury to unveil new clothing line, store format editorial team

27 May 2002

UK: Asda creates 1,250 new distribution jobs editorial team

15 May 2002

UK: Safeway still lagging sector rivals with sluggish start to 2002 editorial team

15 May 2002

UK: Asda to double its supercentres in the UK this year editorial team

13 May 2002

UK: Safeway hooks up in property JV to unlock 'tens of millions of pounds' editorial team

10 May 2002

UK: Tesco to up clothing offering with Cherokee deal - MEMBERS editorial team

7 May 2002

USA: New store concept to revitalise city centre grocery shopping editorial team

1 May 2002

UK: Asda attempts to woo football watchers editorial team

26 Apr 2002

USA: Wal-Mart to trial used car sales in Texas editorial team

25 Apr 2002

UK: ECJ backs Asda in ham dispute editorial team

24 Apr 2002

UK: ASDA ups supermarket stakes with latest clothing offering editorial team

16 Apr 2002

NEW ZEALAND: Fonterra says strong credit rating underlines ability to fund growth strategy

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