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15 Apr 2002

Independents’ Day: Retailing natural and organic foods

Catherine Sleep

12 Apr 2002

UK: Sainsbury’s Q4 sales beat expectations, but not catching up with Tesco editorial team

10 Apr 2002

UK: Online grocery shopping not as smooth as it could be editorial team

5 Apr 2002

UK: Sainsbury's commits to non-food battleground editorial team

6 Mar 2002

UK: Asda to call for relaxed pharmacy retail legislation editorial team

4 Mar 2002

EU: Brussels legislation could prohibit loss leaders, overhaul retail strategy editorial team

4 Mar 2002

UK: Former Asda boss Archie Norman heading back to retail? editorial team

20 Feb 2002

EU/UK: Asda battles Parma harm producers for right to slice ham editorial team

13 Feb 2002

UK: Asda introduces rechargable gift voucher card, abandons paper vouchers editorial team

7 Feb 2002

UK: Tests on Chinese and blended honey show traces of illegal veterinary drug

6 Feb 2002

Global Retailing.... Just the beginning

Steve Webb

6 Feb 2002

WORLD: 2001 quiz results editorial team

30 Jan 2002

UK: Asda joins fuel price feud, pans points card scheme editorial team

30 Jan 2002

UK: Whoops! Asda fined £20,000 for selling chocolate cake chewed by rats editorial team

29 Jan 2002

UK: Asda says it has removed 900 tonnes of salt from the nation's diet editorial team

28 Jan 2002

UK: Asda wins contract with US teen queens Mary-Kate and Ashley editorial team

22 Jan 2002

UK: Ex Asda CEO Leighton resurfaces at helm of UK’s troubled postal service editorial team

21 Jan 2002

UK: Top supermarkets back call for more organic farming, Tesco fails to join campaign

18 Jan 2002

UK: Budgens reports impressive rise in interim profits editorial team

18 Jan 2002

UK: Asda to create 10,000 jobs this year editorial team

16 Jan 2002

UK: Ye Olde Oak Foods recalls hot dog products editorial team

11 Jan 2002

UK: Celebrity chef prompts countrywide boom in prune sales editorial team

7 Jan 2002

UK: Is the food & drink industry waking up to e-commerce?

Press Release

7 Jan 2002

UK: Asda to handpick online grocery purchases from store shelves, closes London shopping depots editorial team

14 Dec 2001

UK: Supermarket food laced with hormone disrupters, says FOE

Press Release

4 Dec 2001

UK: IGD issues December 2000 market share figures

Press Release

29 Nov 2001

Dull and crisp and for the diet season? Moving forward in the snack bars sector

Amanda Lintott

19 Nov 2001

UK: Supermarkets prepare to flood UK shops with more grey market goods editorial team

16 Nov 2001

UK: FOE reveals that British apples are left off the shelves

Press Release

8 Nov 2001

UK: Variation in retail distribution costs increases - research

Press Release

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