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2 Nov 2001

UK: Asda ups pace of Supercentre opening to pressure Tesco share editorial team

29 Oct 2001

UK/USA: Wal-Mart mulling £5bn-plus buyout of Safeway in UK? editorial team

25 Oct 2001

UK: Sainsbury's seen gaining market share as continued growth confounds analysts' expectations editorial team

17 Oct 2001

UK: Asda exec urges peers to abandon price promotions and build trust editorial team

10 Oct 2001

UK: 2001 Food Industry Awards - Winners announced

Press Release

10 Oct 2001

UK: Greenpeace tells Danish bacon producer to give GM animal feed the boot

Press Release

9 Oct 2001

UK: Consumers should be better informed about processes involved in getting food on shelves editorial team

9 Oct 2001

UK: Value remains king in UK retail sector, says Asda exec at IGD annual convention editorial team

9 Oct 2001

UK: Marks & Spencer - the long road to recovery - COMMENT (Members)


27 Sep 2001

UK: Retailers want multi-channel strategies, but there are challenges to overcome editorial team

26 Sep 2001

UK: Sainsbury's - the need for balance - COMMENT (Members)


24 Sep 2001

IRELAND: Hibernia Foods plc announces Q1 results

Press Release

21 Sep 2001

UK: Asda fined £9,000 after judge rules that it mislead customers over low prices editorial team

19 Sep 2001

UK: Tesco pulls ahead in race for lowest prices

Press Release

10 Sep 2001

WORLD: New food product introductions from around the world

News Submission

5 Sep 2001

UK: M&S popular with consumers in terms of food and basic clothing editorial team

3 Sep 2001

UK: War of words as supermarkets promise price cuts to consumers editorial team

16 Aug 2001

UK: Campylobacter present in 69% of fresh chickens on supermarket shelves editorial team

24 Jul 2001

UK: Sainsbury's will not follow Tesco's lead and cut prices editorial team

18 Jul 2001

UK: Cost of Competition Commission report into UK supermarkets revealed: value for money? editorial team

18 Jul 2001

UK: Fox's bags KP and Asda experience

News Submission

16 Jul 2001

UK: Iceland group executive commitee appointment

Press Release

11 Jul 2001

UK: Safeway slashes prices as battle of baskets heats up editorial team

9 Jul 2001

UK: Safeway brands pricing report "flawed" editorial team

4 Jul 2001

UK: Iceland preliminary results for 15 months to 31 March 2001

Press Release

25 Jun 2001

USA: Wal-Mart - when in Europe, go Dutch - COMMENT (members)


18 Jun 2001

UK: John Lewis: never knowingly eUndersold - COMMENT (members)


18 Jun 2001

UK: ASDA gets on the EU sausage case

Press Release

4 Jun 2001

FRANCE/USA: Wal-Mart seeks entry to French market editorial team

31 May 2001

UK: Northern Foods - change of strategy now bearing fruit - COMMENT


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