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Editor's viewpoint: Land of the minnows

Size matters, right? Scale - and the economic benefits that come with it - provide a business with clout smaller competitors find hard to ba...

Chobani spreads wings amid pressure in yoghurt

With its latest new products, Chobani has signalled its ambitions - but the moves into categories like desserts and oatmeal could also sugge...

Comment: Chobani wise to consider stake sale

Chobani is the leading US manufacturer in the lucrative, high-growth Greek yoghurt sector. But with rising competition from the larger dairy...

Determined Gen Mills faces fierce yoghurt rivalry

General Mills, criticised over its US yoghurt business, is stepping up its activity in the sector, with an NPD drive in the next 12 months....

Latest Interviews

just the answer - Carlos Ramirez, Powerful Yogurt 23 Aug 2013

Dean Best

Powerful Yogurt launched in the US last year, claiming to be the first Greek yoghurt developed for men. After securing retail listings in the Tri-state area, the brand is expanding further along the East Coast and has just announced plans to do business across the Atlantic in the UK and Ireland. Dean Best speaks to founder and CEO Carlos Ramirez about the competition in yoghurt and his ambitions for the brand.

Latest News

Chobani launches organic Gippsland Dairy range 3 Sep 2014

Dean Best

Chobani has added to its Gippsland Dairy yoghurt range in Australia with the launch of an organic line.

Chobani rebuked over US ad 2 Sep 2014

Dean Best

Yoghurt group Chobani has been censured for a US advert that compared the ingredients used in its products with rival lines.

Chobani confirms Malaysia listings 1 Aug 2014

Dean Best

Chobani has confirmed it has secured listings in Malaysia, the US-based yoghurt group's latest market in Asia.

Chobani bid for fresh UK appeal rejected 30 Jul 2014

Hannah Abdulla

Chobani's request for another appeal against a ruling in the UK that forbid the US yoghurt maker from using the term "Greek yoghurt" has been refused by the country's Supreme Court.

Chobani defends labelling in cane juice suit 24 Jun 2014

Hannah Abdulla

Chobani has denied it is trying to hide the amount of sugar in its yoghurts, a claim which has been brought against the US firm in a class action lawsuit.

Latest blogs

Chobani brushes off Yoplait US ad offensive 23 Jan 2014

Dean Best

Chobani has led the boom in US demand for Greek yoghurt in recent years but its success has attracted rivals - including those with deep pockets - to the category. One, General Mills, has targeted Chobani in taste test ads for its Yoplait brand. Chobani has brushed off the move.

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