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UK ad review credibility test for self-regulation

The UK’s Committee of Advertising Practice has launched a public consultation on new self-regulatory rules governing the advertising of food...

The outlook for UK food policy under Tories

The UK's Conservative Party may only have a working majority in the House of Commons of 17 but, with the Labour Party struggling to convince...

Ben Cooper | 27 Oct 2015

With suspicion of so-called Big Food at an all-time high, the food industry needs to be proactive in its response to Public Health England's report on sugar. Ben Cooper highlights ways manufacturers could show positive engagement.

Ben Cooper | 20 Jul 2015

A panel advising the UK government on nutrition has recommended halving the official guidance on the consumption of free sugars. Attention now turns to how the country's politicians will respond. Ben Cooper argues the UK government should act - but some policies are more likely than others.

Ben Cooper | 29 Jan 2015

The inclusion in the UK Labour Party's new public health policy paper of a 'watershed' time restriction on the advertising of foods high in fat, salt or sugar (HFSS) as a future policy option has put the issue of food marketing to children firmly on the political agenda in the run-up to the country's General Election in May.

Ben Cooper | 12 Dec 2014

The new EU-wide food labelling regulations coming into effect tomorrow (13 December) represent the most extensive revision of food labelling regulations manufacturers across Europe will ever have had to cope with.

Latest Interviews

Dean Best | 13 Sep 2013

The UK government often emphasises how it supports food exporters push overseas but competition is fierce, especially for access in key emerging markets. Ahead of a trip to a trade show in Moscow, just-food spoke to Owen Paterson, the UK's Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, about how the Government can help industry - and how exporters then need to exploit the opportunity.

Chris Mercer | 23 Jan 2013

UK ministers and food industry leaders are keen to expand the reach of the Responsibility Deal in 2013 to show its many doubters that voluntary pledges can help to deliver healthier diets for consumers. Step forward Dr Susan Jebb, who, as chair of food portion of the deal, has the dubious honour of trying to keep everybody happy, at least some of the time.

Latest News

Katy Askew | 15 Jul 2016

Andrea Leadsom has been appointed the new UK Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. 

Ben Cooper | 15 Jul 2016

Campaign group Action on Sugar (AOS) has branded measures in the UK government’s Child Obesity Strategy (COS), now expected to be delayed until the autumn, as "pathetic".

Helen Arnold | 14 Jul 2016

Unfettered access to the EU’s labour market, reassurance to those EU migrants already working in the UK, as well as continued market access to EU consumers, ingredients and existing trade deals are some of the key tenets of the Food and Drink Federation’s (FDF) manifesto for the Brexit negotiations.

John Shepherd | 11 Jul 2016

New research has revealed "the damaging impact" that a proposed UK sugar tax could have on the economy, UK campaign group The TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) said today (11 July).

Ben Cooper | 8 Jul 2016

The UK’s long-awaited Child Obesity Strategy looks set to be published during the next couple of weeks, but when it does it is likely to be a cause of further acrimony between the food industry and health campaigners.

Helen Arnold | 5 Jul 2016

Access to existing Free Trade Agreements, access to labour, the free movement of labour and the need to make the food industry more productive are the key priorities for the UK food and drink industry in the wake of the Brexit vote, according to the Food and Drink Federation’s director general.

Helen Arnold | 30 Jun 2016

The director general of the Food and Drink Federation (FDF) has slammed the UK government for failing to have a coherent plan in place in the event of a Brexit vote, following the first meeting of business leaders since the referendum.

Dean Best | 24 Jun 2016

UK food manufacturers face a "very challenging period" in the wake of the country's decision to leave the EU, trade body the Food and Drink Federation has said this morning (24 June).

Katy Askew and Dean Best | 24 Jun 2016

UK voters have spoken: Britain will leave the European Union. With the vote tally now reporting 51.9% of people back leaving commentators are turning to the future with uncertainty. What will Brexit mean for the food sector? 

Katy Askew | 20 Jun 2016

The UK government has insisted it is "ridiculous" to suggest pressure from the country's food sector has "severely eroded" its upcoming strategy to tackle child obesity.

Katy Askew | 20 Jun 2016

The UK government has been accused of bowing to "strong lobbying" from the food sector to "erode" the Department of Health's strategy to tackle childhood obesity.

Dean Best | 15 Mar 2016

The UK should remain in the EU, the Food and Drink Federation, the industry association representing food and soft drink manufacturers in the country, has announced.

Dean Best | 2 Mar 2016

Sales of UK food and soft drinks fell in 2015, hit by the strength of sterling against the euro, which made the country's products less competitive in some of its key markets.

Dean Best | 22 Oct 2015

A tax of up to 20% on "high-sugar" products, cutting the number of promotions and introducing more restrictions on advertising are among the measures Public Health England believes are needed to help lower the amount of the ingredient eaten in the country.

Dean Best | 7 Sep 2015

Revenues from UK food and soft drink exports fell over 5% in the first half of the year, with the rise in the value of sterling against a depreciating euro making the country less competitive in the eurozone.

Dean Best | 17 Jul 2015

A panel advising the UK government on nutrition has called for the recommendation on daily sugar intake to be halved.

Hannah Abdulla | 5 Jun 2015

This week, Nestle said it was withdrawing its Maggi noodle brand in India after a food safety scare that has seen local authorities insist the product has elevated levels of lead. Elsewhere, Abbott Laboratories was tied up in a class action lawsuit over its Similac product with allegations it is misleading consumers since the product contains non-organic ingredients. Elsewhere Nomad Holdings confirmed it is in acquisition talks with Findus Group. just-food visited the Free-From Expo in Barcelona this week and spoke to Warburtons among others. We also interviewed the CEO at Divine Chocolate. Here is the week in quotes

Hannah Abdulla | 4 Jun 2015

The Food and Drink Federation has hit back at comments from the UK National Health Service chief suggesting that the food industry should "stop marketing junk food at children" and step up its efforts to remove sugar from processed foods.

Hannah Abdulla | 23 Mar 2015

UK dairy exports are at a "record high" according to the latest figures from the Food & Drink Federation.

Hannah Abdulla | 14 Oct 2014

A report published backed and funded by Associated British Foods' AB Sugar arm has called for tougher measures to tackle obesity, including making the Responsibility Deal law.

Dean Best | 24 Mar 2014

UK exports of food and soft drinks rose 5% in 2013 as sales in the EU bounced back amid signs of economic recovery in the region.

Michelle Russell | 28 Nov 2013

A target to reduce household food and drink waste in the UK, drawn up as part of industry attempts to tackle the issue, has been missed, it emerged today (28 November).

Latest blogs

Dean Best | 21 Jan 2016

The UK government wants the country's food exports to reach the levels of France and Germany, officials said today (21 January) as a new office set up to drive business overseas was formally unveiled.

Dean Best | 13 Jul 2015

The UK today (13 July) woke up to more headlines about calls for a tax on soft drinks. This time, the demand came from The British Medical Association, as part of its report on improving the diets of children and young people. However, officials at the BMA also had parts of the food industry firmly in their sights.

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