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Tesco CEO Clarke outlined the retailerQuote, unquote: just-food's week in words

3 March 2014

Tesco this week outlined plans for a fresh offensive to try to revitalise UK sales. Meanwhile, The Co-operative Group, which has faced its own issues in recent months, announced it was considering the sale of its farm business as CEO Euan Sutherland looks to reshape the mutual. In the US, PepsiCo once again reiterated it is not keen on splitting the company in two, while Hershey, Mars and Nestle breathed a sigh of relief after the price-fixing case it was tied up in was kicked out of court. Here is the week in quotes.

BELGIUM: Findus buys Lutosa retail business

27 February 2014

Frozen food giant Findus Group has snapped up the Belgian retail business of Lutosa as part of the EU's clearance of McCain Foods' acquisition of the potato products supplier.

The just-food interview - Quorn Foods CEO Kevin Brennan - part two

17 January 2014

Quorn Foods, the UK-based meat-free group, is enjoying a period of robust sales growth in the UK - but the business, owned by Exponent Private Equity, has international ambitions. In part two of the latest just-food interview, CEO Kevin Brennan discusses the company's overseas performance and prospects.

Consuming issues: UK reaches tipping-point on FOP labels

20 June 2013

The debate over what form front-of-pack nutrition labels should take in the UK has taken a significant stride to being closed, with over 60% of the market agreeing to use a new label that does include traffic lights. Not every household name will use the label but Ben Cooper argues the refuseniks will now be firmly in the campaigners' firing line.

UK: Findus appoints Showalter as CFO

8 April 2013

Frozen food firm Findus Group has appointed William Showalter as its CFO.

Editor's choice: the highlights on just-food last week

25 February 2013

Last week ended as it started: with a household brand caught up in the horsemeat contamination scandal. On Monday, Nestle said it had pulled Buitoni products in Spain and Italy after positive tests and, on Friday, Birds Eye said it had recalled ready meals across Europe after similar results. Over in the US, leading executives from some of the largest packaged food companies were at CAGNY to discuss their prospects for the year ahead.

HORSEMEAT: Birds Eye pulls ready meals on positive test

22 February 2013

Birds Eye has pulled three beef ready meals from supermarkets in the UK and Ireland as a precaution after a product it sells in Belgium tested positive for horse DNA.

HORSEMEAT: Nestle recalls ready meals in Spain, Italy

19 February 2013

Nestle has recalled two beef ready meals on sale in Spain and Italy after tests returned positive for horse DNA.

HORSEMEAT: UK FSA publishes first test results

15 February 2013

Results from the first set of UK tests on beef products for horsemeat have in the main cleared the country's retailers.

HORSEMEAT: Three arrests made in UK over horsemeat "fraud"

15 February 2013

Three men have been arrested in the UK on suspicion of offences under the Fraud Act by police investigating allegations horsemeat was mislabelled as beef.

HORSEMEAT: French minister points finger at Spanghero

14 February 2013

The French government has pointed the finger firmly at local firm Spanghero in the scandal over horse meat being passed off as beef.

HORSEMEAT: Bute found in eight carcasses in UK

14 February 2013

The UK Food Standards Agency (FSA) has found traces of potentially harmful horse drug phenylbutazone in eight horses slaughtered in the UK - and warned six may have entered the French food chain.

On the money: Nestle plays down concerns over emerging markets

14 February 2013

Nestle has dismissed suggestions its days of "easy gains" in emerging markets are over as the group recorded what one analyst described as "sustained weakness" in Asia, Oceania and Africa.

HORSEMEAT: EU pushes for DNA tests on beef products

14 February 2013

The European Commission has called on the EU's 27 members states to test for horse DNA in beef products.

HORSEMEAT: Recalls in Norway, Belgium and Switzerland

14 February 2013

Retailers in Norway, Belgium and Switzerland have become the latest to pull products from shelves amid concerns their lines could contain horsemeat.

HORSEMEAT: Ahold, Metro Group pulls horsemeat products

14 February 2013

German retailer Metro Group and Dutch peer Ahold are among the latest firms to recall products after admitting certain lines contained horsemeat.

HORSEMEAT: Police raid two UK meat firms

13 February 2013

UK police have raided two meat firms as part of an investigation into how beef products containing horse meat have been sold.

HORSEMEAT: FRANCE: Deal on plans to change labelling rules

13 February 2013

Changes to France's laws on food labelling and traceability look set to be introduced in the wake of the horse meat contamination that has engulfed the country's food sector.

NETHERLANDS: Dutch retailers Plus, Boni recall lasagnes

13 February 2013

Two Dutch supermarket chains have become the latest European retailers to pull frozen lasagnes from shelves amid concerns the lines could contain horse meat.

ROMANIA: Bucharest protests innocence over horse meat

11 February 2013

Romania this afternoon (11 February) insisted the two slaughterhouses in the country under scrutiny over horse meat contamination have not broken EU food rules.

UK: Government to consult on supply chain security - Defra

11 February 2013

The UK government is to meet industry officials to determine whether the supply chain needs to be placed under greater scrutiny to ensure food security in the country.

UK: Tesco own-label spag bol contained horse meat

11 February 2013

Tesco has admitted an own-label spaghetti bolognese in the UK contained horse DNA.

UK: Industry responsible for horse meat scare - Paterson

11 February 2013

The "prime responsibility" for ensuring the safety of the UK's food supply lies with "retailers and food producers", Food Secretary Owen Paterson said this evening (11 February).

GERMANY: Retail chain Kaiser's pulls lasagnes amid horse meat fears

11 February 2013

German retailer Tengelmann has confirmed its Kaiser's supermarket chain has pulled frozen lasagnes from shelves amid concerns the lines could contain horse meat.

UK: Findus denies delay in withdrawing horse meat lasagne

11 February 2013

Frozen food maker Findus has denied accusations it should have responded more swiftly following the discovery its frozen beef lasagne was potentially contaminated it with horse meat.

UK: FSA says traceability working in horse meat scare

11 February 2013

The UK's Food Standards Agency has insisted the traceability systems in place to track ingredients down the supply chain are proving robust as it works to uncover how undeclared horse meat made its way onto frozen beef products.

Best bits: Horse meat scandal of industry's own making

11 February 2013

In an sector in which profit margins are wafer thin, with retail pressure bearing down on manufacturers and manufacturers bearing down on their suppliers, it really is not a surprise that the best deal will be sought after and snaffled up, writes Dean Best. But the old adage of "if something appears too good to be true, it probably is" has rarely felt so apt.

EUROPE: Horse meat: Romania "source" for Findus contamination

11 February 2013

An abbatoir in Romania is alleged to be the source of the horse meat contained in Findus products that have sparked the crisis that has rocked Europe's food industry.

FRANCE: French retailers pull products amid horse meat fears

11 February 2013

Six of France's largest retail chains have pulled products from their shelves amid concerns the lines could contain horse meat.

Editor's choice: the highlights on just-food last week

11 February 2013

One story has dominated the industry headlines last week - the deepening and widening horse meat contamination, which has now taken in household brand Findus and a supplier in France. Beyond the debate over food standards and the scrutiny of the supply chain, Dairy Crest admitted it was struggling to find suitable M&A targets, Marks and Spencer said its Simply Food ambitions could lead them beyond France and further into Europe, while Kellogg insisted it was seeing improvement in its business in the region.

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