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Michelle Obama said the changes would be "a big deal"US: Added sugars, serving sizes targets of new label plans

27 February 2014

The US government today (27 February) set out plans to change the Nutrition Facts labels on food and beverages sold in the country.

Sustainability Watch - The GMO labelling debate in the US

30 January 2014

Having witnessed an unprecedented level of discussion in the US over the past year or so, the labelling of genetically modified foods is set to become an even more hotly and frequently debated subject stateside in the coming year. Ben Cooper reports.

just-food's 2014 outlook: Sustainability in the mainstream

30 January 2014

Resource shortage and an understanding that "good business is good business" mean that the discourse around sustainability issues have entered the mainstream and will continue to demand the spotlight in 2014. Ben Cooper examines the key themes likely to emerge in the coming year.

US: Post to take Grape-Nuts cereal GMO-free

17 January 2014

Non-GMO Grape-Nuts Original cereal will be available in US stores this month, Post Holdings has revealed.

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

11 November 2013

Last week saw the question of whether regulators or industry should take the lead in promoting good nutrition come to the fore, when US policy makers signalled that they could be preparing a clamp-down on "unsafe" trans fats.

US: FDA prepares clamp-down on "unsafe" trans fats

7 November 2013

The US Food and Drug Administration signalled its intention to reduce trans fats in processed foods today (7 November), when the regulator suggested artificial trans fats are "not generally recognised as safe" for use in food.

US: Grocery Manufacturers Association faces GMO labelling lawsuit

18 September 2013

The US debate over the labelling of genetically modified organisms took a new turn yesterday (17 September) when a campaign group filed a lawsuit alleging the Grocery Manufacturers Association is illegally concealing the identity of campaign donas in its drive to block the introduction of compulsory GMO labelling in Washington State.

In the spotlight: Wrigley wins FDA plaudits amid caffeine scrutiny

16 May 2013

At first it appeared the villain of the piece with the launch of its Alert Energy Caffeine Gum, which prompted an FDA review of caffeine in foods. However, Wrigley was subsequently praised by the regulator for showing "leadership" when it halted production. So far, however, no other food companies have shown that level of support for the FDA's move. Ben Cooper reports.

US: Hershey to introduce front-of-pack nutrition labels

19 April 2013

Hershey will put front-of-pack nutrition labels on the front of products on sale in the US and Mexico later this year.

UPDATE: US: Food industry welcomes FDA food safety requirements

7 January 2013

The US food industry has welcomed the publishing of two major requirements by the US Food and Drug Administration aimed at helping prevent foodborne illnesses and improve food safety.

The just-food review of 2012: industry makes progress on CSR

18 December 2012

From a sustainability standpoint, 2012 might be characterised as a year when the world went backwards - or at a pinch stayed still - but the food industry moved forward, writes Ben Cooper.

The most-read comment from just-food in 2012

18 December 2012

just-food does not shy away from commenting on the major developments and issues in the industry and this year its focus centred on issues from traffic-light labels to sustainability, on deals like Kellogg's takeover of Pringles and Arla Foods' latest venture in China.

Editor's choice: the highlights on just-food last week

3 December 2012

ConAgra Foods' deal to buy US private-label group Ralcorp Holdings last week added some spice to a pedestrian year for M&A. Staying with acquisitions in the US, Hostess Brands said it had received more than 100 bids for its assets. In Europe, Dutch retailer Ahold said it would up its cost cuts, with a focus on sourcing and promos. And in the UK, leading grocers signed up to a new code of special offers.

Sustainability Watch - Narrowing the Atlantic divide

26 November 2012

It is often said that European companies are ahead of their US counterparts in how they view corporate sustainability, with the latter too narrowly focused on environmental impacts under their immediate control and failing to see the bigger picture. Ben Cooper found at this year's FMI/GMA Sustainability Summit that attitudes are changing.

Sustainability Watch - Jeanne von Zastrow, Food Marketing Institute

18 October 2012

Information sharing and resources to help member companies make their businesses more sustainable feature prominently in the Food Marketing Institute's sustainability platform. At the recent FMI/GMA Sustainability Summit in Washington DC, FMI senior director of sustainability and industry relations Jeanne von Zastrow spoke with Ben Cooper about the organisation's approach and aims.

Focus: US retailers and manufacturers team up to tackle food waste

8 October 2012

Reducing the amount of food waste that goes to landfill is a sustainability challenge faced the world over. Ben Cooper takes a look at an initiative in the US which brings together retailers, manufacturers and restaurant operators.

Editor's choice: the highlights on just-food last week

8 October 2012

Kraft Foods officially completed its split into two companies last week: high-growth global snacks firm Mondelez International and Kraft Foods Group, a North American grocery powerhouse. Tesco and Sainsbury's updated the market on their first-half results, highlighting the uphill struggle facing the larger Tesco as it looks to improve its UK performance. Also in UK retail, Morrisons indicated that it is preparing to step up its drive into convenience. Meanwhile, just-food brought live coverage from the GMA/FMI Sustainability Summit in Washington DC.

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

8 October 2012

just-food last week brought live coverage from the GMA/FMI Sustainability Summit in Washington DC where presentations were given from members of the Environmental Defense Fund, the Rainforest Alliance, and sustainability think-tank Forum for the Future. Elsewhere, Kraft Foods officially completed its split into two companies and its European division confirmed late Friday, its acquisition Danone's Vitasnella snack business. Here is a selection of the best quotes from last week's news.

US: Business imperative drives sustainability agenda

5 October 2012

Progress on the sustainability agenda presents an opportunity to boost both the top and bottom line, delegates at a Sustainability Summit hosted by the GMA and FMI heard yesterday (4 October).

Sustainability Summit closes with broad approval

5 October 2012

The organisers of the FMI/GMA Sustainability Summit, which ended today, have stressed the value of the broad range of stakeholders who have participated. Ben Cooper asked representatives from various sectors for their impressions of the conference.

Comment: FMI/GMA summit sees sustainability as challenge and responsibility

5 October 2012

So, Coca-Cola wants eventually to develop a bottle that you can drink from and when you're finished eat? I suppose that is the ultimate definition of empty calories!

US: GMA, FMI foster industry-wide dialogue on sustainability

5 October 2012

The Grocery Manufacturers Association and the Food Marketing Institute hope to encourage "every link in America's food chain" to come together and discuss issues surrounding the sustainability agenda at the jointly-hosted annual Sustainability Summit, taking place in Washington DC this week.

US: Stakeholder partnerships “essential” to improving sustainability - EDF

4 October 2012

Partnerships between stakeholders are "essential" to improve the sustainability of agricultural supply chains, the Environmental Defense Fund has suggested.

US: GMA defends children's cereal after NGO criticism

26 June 2012

The Grocery Manufacturers Association has responded to a report by the Yale Rudd Center that claims firms continue to market high-sugar cereals to children despite their efforts to improve the nutritional quality of the products.

Focus: FDA restates intentions on nutritional food labelling

17 May 2012

The FDA's recently announced 2012-2016 strategic plan includes specific reference to both front-of-pack nutritional labelling and reform of the nutrition facts panel. Details of how the FDA plans to proceed remain sketchy, Ben Cooper writes, but the fact that these two items are firmly on the policy agenda ensures a lively debate will continue and possibly intensify during the coming few years.

Editor's choice: the highlights on just-food this week

5 March 2012

It had been speculated in recent months but, this week, PepsiCo and German dairy giant Muller confirmed plans to start a manufacturing yoghurt in the US, where sales of the product are growing fast. Ferrero's decision to build a plant in Mexico and General Mills' acquisition of US snacks firm Food Should Taste Good also grabbed your attention, as did financial results from chocolate firm Lindt & Sprungli and Dutch retailer Ahold. And, to mark Fairtrade Fortnight in the UK, we interviewed Paul Chandler, chief executive of a pioneer in the sector, Traidcraft.

Quote, unquote: just-food's week in words

5 March 2012

Fairtrade Fortnight, an annual event that highlights the ethical sector in the UK, started this week and just-food spoke to Paul Chandler, chief executive of Fairtrade pioneer Traidcraft, about the impact that interest from bigger companies is having on the aims of Fairtrade. One company that has launched Fairtrade products, Nestle, this week said it was the first confectioner in the UK to make its products additive-free. Elsewhere, we spoke to US industry body The Grocery Manufacturers Association on sustainability and asked Dutch retail giant Ahold, which runs major chains in the US, what suppliers will do to boost stagnant sales.

Nutritional labelling - US industry takes voluntary route

1 March 2012

Front-of-pack nutritional labelling has been extensively debated across a number of countries in recent years. This management briefing looks at the ongoing debate on this issue in the US and Australia, examining both industry and public health perspectives.

Nutritional labelling - US watchdog ponders next move

1 March 2012

With Facts Up Front, US food manufacturers have looked to take the initiative of the kind of nutrition labels that should be used on the front of packs. However, at the same time, Congress commissioned academic research into what labels should be devised by the Food and Drug Administration. As Ben Cooper writes, the US food industry is now waiting for the FDA's verdict.

Sustainability Watch - Meghan Stasz, Grocery Manufacturers Association

29 February 2012

The Grocery Manufacturers Association, which represents US food companies, has just published a report highlighting achievements in environmental sustainability by its members. Ben Cooper spoke with GMA sustainability director Meghan Stasz about the initiatives and the potential for further progress.

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