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12 Dec 2001

UK: Grocery price wars culminate in ASA ruling; Tesco’s knuckles rapped editorial team

6 Dec 2001

UK: Consumers fall foul of Sainsbury’s supply debacle editorial team

29 Nov 2001

UK: Sainsbury to unveil significant sales growth slowdown editorial team

22 Nov 2001

UK: Robert Wiseman posts positive interims, and a warning editorial team

22 Nov 2001

UK: Sainsbury - your flexible friend - COMMENT (Members)


21 Nov 2001

UK: J Sainsbury plc - Interim results 2001 for 28 weeks ended 13 October 2001

Press Release

20 Nov 2001

UK: Sainsbury's to unveil plans for new flexible store formats editorial team

19 Nov 2001

UK: Sainsbury online shopping slammed by customers since re-launch editorial team

19 Nov 2001

UK: Northerners not convinced by Naked Chef editorial team

13 Nov 2001

UK: Prince of Wales warns retailers against token gestures towards local sourcing editorial team

13 Nov 2001

UK: Thomas Lowndes expands desserts with alcohol offering in time for Christmas editorial team

8 Nov 2001

UK: Sainsbury’s delights Eurosceptics with move to rename Brussels sprouts editorial team

5 Nov 2001

Marketing healthy food to young consumers is child's play editorial team

2 Nov 2001

UK: Tesco: organic future may not be so bright - COMMENT (Members)


2 Nov 2001

UK: Sainsbury will not dump Jamie Oliver before his contract expires editorial team

1 Nov 2001

Fancy a dip? An overview of the appetisers and dips market

Amanda Lintott

31 Oct 2001

USA: Retail supply - not the right time for a GNX float - RESEARCH (Members)

Datamonitor ResearchWire

29 Oct 2001

UK: Sainsbury's shelves float of e-commerce supply network, onlookers question commitment to idea editorial team

26 Oct 2001

EU: Ready meals: not just for singles - COMMENT (Members)


25 Oct 2001

UK: Sainsbury's seen gaining market share as continued growth confounds analysts' expectations editorial team

24 Oct 2001

UK: J Sainsbury plc - Second quarter trading statement

Press Release

19 Oct 2001

UK: Sainsbury's - a kilo(watt) of electricity please - COMMENT (Members)


11 Oct 2001

UK: Sainsbury shelves twin towers plan for London after terror in New York editorial team

10 Oct 2001

UK: 2001 Food Industry Awards - Winners announced

Press Release

8 Oct 2001

UK: Safeway hits back at Tesco price claims

Press Release

3 Oct 2001

UK: UK supermarkets - plenty of room to spare for a price war? - RESEARCH (Members)

Datamonitor ResearchWire

2 Oct 2001

UK: Price cuts prompt war of words in supermarket sector editorial team

27 Sep 2001

UK: Sainsbury's development of former head office approved

Press Release

26 Sep 2001

UK: Sainsbury's - the need for balance - COMMENT (Members)


26 Sep 2001

UK: Sainsbury's announces £100 million of price cuts

Press Release

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