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16 Jan 2003

UK: Tesco piloting smart tags – but dropping Dotty!

15 Jan 2003

UK: Tesco: Electrical shock! (COMMENT)


15 Jan 2003

UK: Cheddar "cheese" lowers cholesterol

15 Jan 2003

UK: Northern Foods posts fall in Q3 sales

14 Jan 2003

UK: Supermarket wars escalate (COMMENT)


14 Jan 2003

UK: Tesco delivers strong group sales, beating sector rivals

13 Jan 2003

UK: Sainsbury's considers making an offer for Safeway, reports Q3 sales

10 Jan 2003

UK: Tesco/Asda: aggressors in UK price wars (COMMENT)


9 Jan 2003

UK: Morrisons makes £2.9bn offer for Safeway

6 Jan 2003

UK: Tesco and Asda announce price cuts

2 Jan 2003

Private label in the UK part III: The changing face of FMCG marketing

Euromonitor International

23 Dec 2002

Private label in the UK part II: Moving Out of the Food Aisles

Euromonitor International

23 Dec 2002

UK: Safeway and Iceland lose out in run-up to Christmas

18 Dec 2002

UK: Tesco bid for T&S cleared by Trade Secretary

16 Dec 2002

Private label in the UK part I: The personalisation of private label

Euromonitor International

11 Dec 2002

UK: Stores criticised for stocking eggs from battery hens

9 Dec 2002

Mixing and matching for an added value Christmas

Bernice Hurst

6 Dec 2002

UK: weekly sales exceed £10m landmark

4 Dec 2002

CHINA: Carrefour uses snakes to fight off competition

29 Nov 2002

CHINA/UK: Tesco remains on the lookout for a partner in China

27 Nov 2002

UK: Tesco denies using deadly spiders after three found in grapes

26 Nov 2002

UK: Tesco reports unexpected upturn in sales editorial team

22 Nov 2002

UK: Tesco/Sainsbury: fighting on all fronts (COMMENT)


19 Nov 2002

THAILAND: Tesco Lotus exec denies CP is to pull out

19 Nov 2002

TAIWAN: Price war rages amongst Taiwan's hypermarkets

18 Nov 2002

UK: Tesco loyalty goes online (COMMENT)


18 Nov 2002

THAILAND: Government drops plans to restrict foreign retailers

14 Nov 2002

USA: Wal-Mart reports 23% rise in Q3 profits

13 Nov 2002

UK: Somerfield reports sales growth but still behind rivals

12 Nov 2002

UK: Northern Foods reports 1% rise in H1 profits

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