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11 Nov 2002

THAILAND: Supermarket retailers face slide in Q3 earnings

6 Nov 2002

THAILAND/UK: Tesco says relationship with CP still strong

5 Nov 2002

HUNGARY: Tesco to introduce 24/7 opening hours

4 Nov 2002

Much more than a name: The pros and cons of PDO and PGI status

Bernice Hurst

4 Nov 2002

UK: Supermarkets look into selling cars

4 Nov 2002

UK: Whittard of Chelsea mulls expansion into China, Russia

1 Nov 2002

UK: Safeway CEO accuses analysts of misrepresenting trading performance

1 Nov 2002

UK: Lower prices more popular than loyalty schemes – report

31 Oct 2002

UK: Tesco going for convenience (COMMENT)


30 Oct 2002

UK: Tesco buys T&S for £377m

22 Oct 2002

UK: Safeway sales growth fails to keep up with rivals

21 Oct 2002

UK: Tesco eager to step up oriental expansion, mulls warehouse distribution for

21 Oct 2002

UK: Tesco in loyalty partnership with Allders

18 Oct 2002

UK: Convenience drives Q3 retail sales

16 Oct 2002

UK: Unilever senior VP Iain Ferguson appointed IGD president

15 Oct 2002

UK: Sainsbury's aware of the crosshairs (COMMENT)


14 Oct 2002

Organic growth slows, but supermarkets, farmers still upbeat

Chris Lyddon

14 Oct 2002

UK: Sainsbury’s CEO admits Asda threat

14 Oct 2002

UK: Sainsbury ups the stakes in money-off voucher battle with Tesco

10 Oct 2002

UK: Trolleys fail to impress test team

10 Oct 2002

UK: Tesco to take on 17,000 new staff in run-up to Christmas

9 Oct 2002

Fuel & food: The Israeli food sector consolidates

9 Oct 2002

UK: Deadly spider found in grapes sold at Tesco

8 Oct 2002

UK: Strong Q2 clothing and food sales accelerate M&S recovery

7 Oct 2002

THAILAND: Tesco-Lotus expansion continues unabated

7 Oct 2002

UK: More bad news for Big Food Group as Iceland’s sales fall

3 Oct 2002

UK: Tesco, Sainsbury’s in spat over money-off vouchers

2 Oct 2002

MALAYSIA: Uda agrees to JV with Tesco

1 Oct 2002

IRELAND/UK: Bewley's wins contract with Tesco

30 Sep 2002

UK: Co-op launches bid for Alldays

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