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26 Sep 2002

UK: Northern Foods reports like-for-like sales rise

25 Sep 2002

THAILAND: Tesco, Carrefour et al found guilty of unfair trade practices

24 Sep 2002

THAILAND: Tesco runs into trouble with Thai government

24 Sep 2002

UK: Safeway's 'disloyalty' scheme could be a winner - COMMENT


23 Sep 2002

UK: Asda, Sainsbury deny any truth in Safeway bid rumours

20 Sep 2002

UK: Tesco launches tie-up with Who Wants to be a Millionaire TV show

18 Sep 2002

UK: Tesco delivers again - COMMENT


17 Sep 2002

UK: Tesco H1 sales up 10.6%, international growth ahead of forecasts

12 Sep 2002

UK: Tesco to open two new stores in Scotland

10 Sep 2002

UK: NFU highlights poor deal for farmers

9 Sep 2002

UK: UK retailers get top rankings in Europe – report

News Submission

6 Sep 2002

UK: Wal-Mart’s ASDA plots to take over Safeway in the UK editorial team

19 Aug 2002

UK: Just say cheese, as Tesco and Sainsbury's rebrand value cheddar editorial team

12 Aug 2002

EUROPE: Italy, Turkey and Russia are next battlegrounds for grocery giants - MEMBERS editorial team

5 Aug 2002

WORLD: Ahold set to overtake Carrefour this year

5 Aug 2002

UK: Tesco says will meet H1 expectations editorial team

5 Aug 2002

UK: Iceland sales slump leaves shares in deep freeze editorial team

2 Aug 2002

UK/TURKEY: Tesco in exclusive partnership deal with retailer Kipa editorial team

1 Aug 2002

UK: Tesco vows to ignore court ruling, and continue selling cheap Levis editorial team

29 Jul 2002

An apple for the teacher? Where retailing and education combine

Hugh Westbrook

26 Jul 2002

UK: Tesco tops fines list for environmental offences editorial team

22 Jul 2002

UK: Food retailers lead the way in product, store innovation

19 Jul 2002

UK: Tesco following Sainbury's lead - COMMENT


18 Jul 2002

UK: Tesco restricts scheme to dispense morning after pill editorial team

15 Jul 2002

Meal solutions: Several steps beyond ready meals

Sue Barnard

9 Jul 2002

UK: Farmers milked over farm gate prices while supermarkets cash in editorial team

9 Jul 2002

HUNGARY: Tesco opens first logistics centre in central, eastern Europe editorial team

5 Jul 2002

POLAND/UK: Tesco acquires HIT hypermarkets in Poland editorial team

3 Jul 2002

THAILAND: Slotting fees controversy surrounds Carrefour, Big C - MEMBERS editorial team

2 Jul 2002

BRAZIL: Pao de Acucar buys Se supermarkets from Jeronimo editorial team

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