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31 May 2002

UK: Ilchester relaunches Beer Cheese to commemorate 40th anniversary editorial team

29 May 2002

UK: Sainsbury reports 14% increase in full year profits, keeps pace behind Tesco editorial team

28 May 2002

UK: Sainsbury's launches multi-million pound gamecard competition editorial team

27 May 2002

Supermarkets, cars and baked beans

Institute of the Motor Industry

27 May 2002

UK: Sainsbury to unveil new clothing line, store format editorial team

20 May 2002

Global retail: Getting the bigger picture for profit growth

Catherine Sleep

16 May 2002

THAILAND: Tesco Lotus agrees to buy prawns directly from local farmers editorial team

15 May 2002

UK: Safeway still lagging sector rivals with sluggish start to 2002 editorial team

15 May 2002

UK: Asda to double its supercentres in the UK this year editorial team

14 May 2002

UK: Bumper pay sees seven Tesco directors take home more than a million editorial team

14 May 2002

MALAYSIA: Tesco outlines Malaysian campaign strategy editorial team

13 May 2002

THAILAND/UK: Tesco on course for expansion in Thailand editorial team

13 May 2002

UK: Safeway hooks up in property JV to unlock 'tens of millions of pounds' editorial team

10 May 2002

UK: Tesco to up clothing offering with Cherokee deal - MEMBERS editorial team

9 May 2002

Mind the gap: The gulf between consumer and suppliers prices in Oz

David Robertson

9 May 2002

UK: Supermarkets selling meat from farms that contravene government guidelines editorial team

30 Apr 2002

ISRAEL: Retalix announces record 174% rise in Q1 operating income editorial team

26 Apr 2002

USA: Horizon Organic launches Rachel's Organic Milk in UK grocery chains editorial team

24 Apr 2002

UK: introduces sliding price scale for deliveries editorial team

18 Apr 2002

UK: Tesco reports 30% increase in sales of organics, targets biodegradable packaging editorial team

17 Apr 2002

Ready for anything? The growth of the prepared meals market

Amanda Lintott

17 Apr 2002

UK: Sales rise for Safeway but still lagging behind rivals editorial team

16 Apr 2002

NEW ZEALAND: Fonterra says strong credit rating underlines ability to fund growth strategy

15 Apr 2002

Independents’ Day: Retailing natural and organic foods

Catherine Sleep

12 Apr 2002

UK: Sainsbury’s Q4 sales beat expectations, but not catching up with Tesco editorial team

12 Apr 2002

UK: Tesco moves into Japan and China, launches euro bond editorial team

10 Apr 2002

UK: Tesco posts profits up 14.1%, eyes further international expansion editorial team

10 Apr 2002

UK: Online grocery shopping not as smooth as it could be editorial team

8 Apr 2002

UK: Tesco picks Emerson to improve energy efficiency in its supermarkets editorial team

5 Apr 2002

UK: Sainsbury's commits to non-food battleground editorial team

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