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16 Apr 2002

NEW ZEALAND: Fonterra says strong credit rating underlines ability to fund growth strategy

15 Apr 2002

Independents’ Day: Retailing natural and organic foods

Catherine Sleep

12 Apr 2002

UK: Sainsbury’s Q4 sales beat expectations, but not catching up with Tesco editorial team

12 Apr 2002

UK: Tesco moves into Japan and China, launches euro bond editorial team

10 Apr 2002

UK: Tesco posts profits up 14.1%, eyes further international expansion editorial team

10 Apr 2002

UK: Online grocery shopping not as smooth as it could be editorial team

8 Apr 2002

UK: Tesco picks Emerson to improve energy efficiency in its supermarkets editorial team

5 Apr 2002

UK: Sainsbury's commits to non-food battleground editorial team

3 Apr 2002

UK: Tesco misled consumers with website advert editorial team

28 Mar 2002

UK: Tesco seeking competitors to make joint purchases through Internet auctions editorial team

26 Mar 2002

UK: Tesco to open hundreds of Express convenience stores editorial team

22 Mar 2002

UK: Sainsbury's hot air over Tesco car park prank editorial team

20 Mar 2002

UK: Tesco to hand out emergency contraception to teenagers editorial team

20 Mar 2002

EU: Sir Terry Leahy and Franck Riboud to co-chair ECR Europe

18 Mar 2002

UK: FSA acts on SE Asia products showing further illegal drug residues

14 Mar 2002

USA: launched in San Francisco and San Jose CA areas editorial team

7 Mar 2002

UK: Organic milk price cuts at Tesco prompt production row editorial team

4 Mar 2002

EU: Brussels legislation could prohibit loss leaders, overhaul retail strategy editorial team

4 Mar 2002

UK: Tesco expands into holiday business, grows in Thailand editorial team

27 Feb 2002

EUROPE: European consumers to be the hostesses with the mostest, says new report editorial team

27 Feb 2002

USA: Oregon supermarket launches online grocery shopping with MyWebGrocer

25 Feb 2002

UK: Tesco slashes cost of CDs, prompts musical price war? editorial team

22 Feb 2002

UK: Tesco unveils £100m to upgrade superstores editorial team

20 Feb 2002

UK: Tesco expands online non-grocery offering editorial team

18 Feb 2002

UK: Whistleblower alleges price fixing at Tesco and Sainsbury editorial team

18 Feb 2002

UK: Tesco under fire for price cut initiative, is it a 'scam'? editorial team

15 Feb 2002

UK: Sainsbury offers shoppers chance to click for entire meal ingredients editorial team

7 Feb 2002

UK: Tests on Chinese and blended honey show traces of illegal veterinary drug

6 Feb 2002

Global Retailing.... Just the beginning

Steve Webb

30 Jan 2002

UK: Sainsbury confirms plans for 10,000 new jobs editorial team

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