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9 Apr 2014

RUSSIA: Moscow shrugs off EU complaint over pork ban

Carmen Paun

8 Apr 2014

Focus: EU funds international project in food fraud fight

Andrew Byrne

4 Apr 2014

In the spotlight: Brussels organic plans cause concern

Keith Nuthall

26 Mar 2014

EU: Brussels eyes fresh organic food regulations

Dean Best

24 Feb 2014

EU: Brussels to look into UK FOP labelling scheme

Robert Stokes

11 Dec 2013

EU: Member states back meat origin label rules

Dean Best

11 Dec 2013

EU: Bolton, Tri Marine eye growth through tuna deal

Katy Askew

7 Nov 2013

US: USDA opens market to EU beef

Katy Askew

25 Oct 2013

EU: EFSA questions nutritional value of toddler milks

Michelle Russell

21 Oct 2013

EU/CANADA: Free trade deal expected to benefit food industry

Katy Askew

17 Oct 2013

FRANCE: Brittany food firms to benefit from emergency state aid

Stuart Todd

4 Oct 2013

FRANCE: Tilly-Sabco: EU poultry subsidy axe to hit jobs

Stuart Todd

30 Aug 2013

On the move: Challenges await incoming EFSA chief

Ben Cooper

31 Jul 2013

In the spotlight: UK sees food and farming as growth engine

Ben Cooper

25 Jul 2013

Sustainability Watch - Every Crumb Counts

Ben Cooper

25 Jul 2013

ITALY: EFSA chief quits for return to French government

Dean Best

24 Jul 2013

FRANCE: Poultry firm Tilly-Sabco to start EU legal action

Dean Best

3 Jul 2013

RUSSIA: Russia places temporary ban on EU potato imports

Michelle Russell

28 Jun 2013

EU: Sugar quotas to end in 2017 after CAP deal

Dean Best

11 Jun 2013

EU: Parliament endorses final deal over baby, medical foods

Carmen Paun

4 Jun 2013

EU/NETHERLANDS: Brussels clears new majority owner of snacks firm Ad van Geloven

Dean Best

29 May 2013

EU: McCain to sell Lutosa assets in Europe to gain EU deal approval

Dean Best

7 May 2013

EU: Brussels proposes reform, tougher fines after horsemeat saga

David Haworth

22 Apr 2013

Editor's choice: the highlights on just-food last week

Dean Best

16 Apr 2013

HORSEMEAT: France tops EU test results

Dean Best

15 Apr 2013

NETHERLANDS: EU puts conditions on FrieslandCampina cheese deal

Dean Best

2 Apr 2013

just-food confidence survey: Frugality forces companies to adapt

Rod Street

2 Apr 2013

just-food confidence survey: Weak economy now the norm

Katy Askew

15 Mar 2013

EU: Dole to take competition fine case to EU's top court

Dean Best

25 Feb 2013

NETHERLANDS: FrieslandCampina awaits EU approval for cheese buys

Poorna Rodrigo







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