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Tyson Foods is an international food processing company. Founded by Donald J. Tyson and John W. Tyson in 1935, Tyson Foods is a public company, listed on the New York Stock Exchange as TSN. The head office for Tyson Foods is located in Springdale, Arkansas, USA.

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Analysis: Tyson's shrewd investment in Beyond Meat

Tyson Foods, one of the world's largest meat processors, is investing in fledgling US meat-free business Beyond Meat - and the deal looks an...

Tyson needs to grasp nettle on plant-based protein

The five shareholder resolutions filed by Tyson Foods investors last week seeking changes to environment, social and governance policies per...

Liz Newmark | 14 Jun 2016

The proposed trade agreement between the EU and the US - dubbed the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or TTIP - has proved a source of fierce debate, with supporters seeking to emphasise the economic benefits of a deal but critics claiming it would favour big business, endanger food safety and the environment - and even undermine democracy. In recent weeks, opposition has emerged in political circles, with France's President Hollande insisting he would veto the agreement in its current form. Food and agriculture is at the centre of Hollande's concerns and the sector is among the main points of contention. But what could be the impact of TTIP on food manufacturers? Liz Newmark reports.

Katy Askew | 1 Oct 2015

Diamond Foods side-stepped market talk it has put itself up for sale and even suggested it would be open to broadening its own portfolio during a conference call with analysts this week. However, this does not mean the US snacks group's management is closed to the idea of the company shopping itself. Katy Askew takes a look at the possibility of a deal and who could be interested in a punt for the Kettle Chips maker.

Ben Cooper | 27 Aug 2015

A group of 60 institutional investors has written to 15 food and drink companies urging improvement in how they manage and report on water risk in their own operations and in their supply chains. Ben Cooper reports.

Katy Askew | 1 Jul 2015

ConAgra Foods announced that it will sell off its loss-making private label business yesterday (30 June) in a move that, the company said, will help unlock value for its shareholders. But selling off private brands is about more than offloading an asset that is a challenging turnaround story. New CEO Sean Connolly insists it is about putting ConAgra back on the road to growth. Katy Askew reports.

Latest Interviews

Michelle Russell | 28 May 2010

The creation of Brasil Foods, one of the world's largest meat groups, from Brazil's Perdigao and Sadia, was a rare mega-merger in 2009, when the global crash hit M&A. However, the deal is yet to win complete regulatory approval and, although parts of Perdigao and Sadia are operating together, Brasil Foods is yet to reap the rewards of the merger. In this month's just-food interview, Michelle Russell speaks to Brasil Foods CFO Leopoldo Saboya about the prospects for the business.

Dominique Patton | 24 Oct 2008

US-based meat groups have had a tough time of late amid soaring feed costs and weak domestic demand. However, Tyson Foods, the country's largest processor, has seemed better equipped to weather the storm - not least because of its international ventures. One of the company's key markets is China. In this month's just-food interview, Dominique Patton spoke with James Rice, vice president and country manager of Tyson's Chinese business, about the company's ambitions in the East.

Latest News

Katy Askew | 21 Oct 2016

Law firm Gainey McKenna & Egleston has launched a class action lawsuit on behalf of Tyson Foods investors alleging the company concealed collusion with other leading US poultry processors to fix chicken prices. 

Katy Askew | 11 Oct 2016

US meat giant Tyson Foods has taken a 5% stake in plant-based protein producer Beyond Meat. 

Katy Askew | 5 Oct 2016

Tyson Foods has reached an agreement to settle allegations of "hiring discrimination" at six of its locations in Texas, Arkansas and New Mexico.

Katy Askew | 29 Sep 2016

Tyson Foods plans to invest US$27m in its Council Bluffs, Iowa, production facility to increase capacity for case-ready beef and pork products. 

Dean Best | 20 Sep 2016

A number of the largest poultry processors in the US, including Tyson Foods, Sanderson Farms and Pilgrim's Pride, have been named in a lawsuit alleging companies fixed prices.

Dean Best | 2 Sep 2016

Tyson Foods has started building a new processing plant in the US state of Arkansas.

Dean Best | 25 Aug 2016

Tyson Foods, the US meat giant, faces questions over the company's record on five environmental, social and governance issues, including animal welfare, its use of water and growing demand for plant-based foods.

Keith Nuthall | 23 Aug 2016

China’s ministry of commerce has extended for another five years countervailing (anti-subsidy) duties that have been charged on US imports of broiler chicken products.

Dean Best | 8 Aug 2016

Tyson Foods, the US meat giant, today (8 August) raised its earnings per share forecast after reporting "record" earnings in the third quarter.

Richard Siddle | 11 Jul 2016

Merger and acquisitions have become the major source for revenue growth for the world’s biggest food brands that are part of the top 50 global consumer goods companies.

Dean Best | 14 Jun 2016

Tyson Foods has appointed Tom Hayes, its chief commercial officer, to the role of president of the US food group.

Katy Askew | 9 May 2016

Tyson Foods has raised its full-year profit forecast after reporting a jump in first-half earnings today (9 May). 

Hannah Abdulla | 15 Apr 2016

Tyson Foods has appointed ex-Coca-Cola Co. executive Monica McGurk to lead its corporate strategy and new ventures unit.

Dean Best | 18 Feb 2016

Tyson Foods, the US meats group, has touted the potential for what it calls its "core nine" group of brands to drive growth in its prepared foods division.

Dean Best | 17 Feb 2016

Tyson Foods, the US-based meat giant, is changing the way it is looking to grow in markets outside the US, by moving its focus "from commodities to consumer", Sally Grimes, the head of the company's international business, has said.

Hannah Abdulla | 5 Feb 2016

Tyson Foods has upped its forecast for annual earnings but cut its estimate for annual sales after its first-quarter results.

Dean Best | 21 Jan 2016

Tyson Foods is to invest in a Hillshire Brands bakery plant in North Carolina, a project that will see gluten-free and non-GMO lines added to the facility.

Dean Best | 17 Dec 2015

Tyson Foods is mulling whether to make fresh investment in a poultry plant in the US.

Hannah Abdulla | 27 Nov 2015

Ahead of the climate talks in Paris, Unilever announced plans to be carbon positive from its operations by 2030. Elsewhere, there was more consolidation in the US food sector, with Pinnacle Foods moving for Boulder Brands. Tyson Foods, Post Holdings and Greencore all had annual results out in the week. Maple Leaf Foods outlined plans to "streamline" its business, which is set to lead to the loss of 400 staff. Here is the week in quotes.

Dean Best | 23 Nov 2015

Tyson Foods, the US meat products group, today (23 November) claimed "record sales and earnings" in its last financial year, although its fourth-quarter earnings fell below analyst expectations.

Dean Best | 23 Nov 2015

ConAgra Foods CEO Sean Connolly, appointed earlier this year to revitalise the US group, announced its latest strategic change, with the company planning to split in two. Tyson Foods explained its decision to close two plants in the US, while Danone set out plans to grow sales and margins year-on-year.

Katy Askew | 20 Nov 2015

Tyson Foods has detailed plans to close two US plants in a move that will result in the loss of around 880 jobs. 

Latest blogs

Dean Best | 10 Oct 2016

Shares in Tyson Foods slumped on Friday, closing down almost 9% after an analyst claimed a lawsuit facing the company could hit the US meat titan.

Katy Askew | 6 May 2016

Rumours Chinese pork giant WH Group is eyeing acquisitions, particularly in the US, have surfaced.

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