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28 Feb 2001

UK: Rumours rife about Asda's plans to branch into car sales editorial team

23 Feb 2001

AUSTRALIA: Analysts expect Monday to be D-day for Franklins editorial team

22 Feb 2001

USA: Wal-Mart - another brick in the wall - COMMENT


21 Feb 2001

USA: Wal-Mart reports record sales and earnings for quarter and year

Press Release

20 Feb 2001

USA: Wal-Mart releases Q4, full year results, upbeat about recovery of US consumer spending editorial team

16 Feb 2001

USA: Chicken products recalled due to possible pesticide contamination, according to Georgia Department of Agriculture

Press Release

14 Feb 2001

USA: Tasty Baking Company reports record fourth quarter and year end results -- year-over-year earnings growth of 49%

Press Release

13 Feb 2001

USA: Famous Dave's announces record year and continued growth

Press Release

9 Feb 2001

USA: Wal-Mart look east for expansion editorial team

8 Feb 2001

USA: Wal-Mart post good January sales

Press Release

7 Feb 2001

CHINA: Hualian, Xidan in supermarkets joint venture editorial team

1 Feb 2001

UK: Tesco comes out top in Internet shopping poll editorial team

25 Jan 2001

AUSTRALIA: Aldi, Wal-Mart say no to Dairy Farm's Franklins supermarkets editorial team

24 Jan 2001

AUSTRALIA: Speculation over Franklins sale mounts as Tesco, Coles, Woolworths decline to comment editorial team

23 Jan 2001

AUSTRALIA: Aldi's entrance into retail arena bound to create a price war editorial team

23 Jan 2001

AUSTRALIA: Dairy Farm to retain most NSW Franklins stores editorial team

22 Jan 2001

AUSTRALIA: No decision made on selling Franklins editorial team

17 Jan 2001

ITALY: Cremonini mad cow brings consumer crisis and scientific re-evaluation editorial team

11 Jan 2001

USA: Board director sells US$10m worth of Wal-Mart shares editorial team

10 Jan 2001

UK: ASDA makes £52M of new year price cuts

Press Release

5 Jan 2001

ARGENTINA: Carrefour, Auchan yield but Wal-Mart takes hard line as unemployed demand handouts editorial team

5 Jan 2001

USA: Wal-Mart reports December sales

Press Release

4 Jan 2001

UK/USA: Analysts unimpressed with Asda's store development hyperbole editorial team

4 Jan 2001

UK: Wal-Mart announces biggest-ever investment programme for ASDA stores

Press Release

4 Jan 2001

UK: Scotland's first ASDA Wal-Mart supercentre

Press Release

3 Jan 2001

UK: Asda announces £450m investment during 2001, and 5,000 new jobs editorial team

2 Jan 2001

JAPAN: Global leader Wal-Mart will enter Japanese market editorial team

20 Dec 2000

GERMANY: Metro CEO says "Wal-Mart has no chance in Germany" editorial team

14 Dec 2000

USA: CIES welcomes 3 new board members

News Submission

8 Dec 2000

UK: Who's really who in Global Grocery Retailing? IGD Global Retail Index Revealed

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