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9 Mar 2010

US: Whole Foods face investor pressure on climate change

19 Feb 2010

Top stories on just-food this week

17 Feb 2010

On the money: Whole Foods sees return of middle-class shoppers

Katy Askew

17 Feb 2010

US: Whole Foods ups outlook on Q1 strength

2 Feb 2010

UK: Whole Foods silent on "UK expansion"

4 Jan 2010

US: Whole Foods boss relinquishes chairman title

5 Nov 2009

INSIGHT: Price tracking to help Whole Foods make investments

5 Nov 2009

US: Whole Foods FY profit up, cautious on 2010 sales

24 Aug 2009

US: Inventure's Boulder launches adzuki chip line

14 Aug 2009

Harrowing time for organic farming

Ben Cooper

7 Aug 2009

Top stories on just-food this week

5 Aug 2009

INSIGHT: Whole Foods plans "foodie to foodist" move

5 Aug 2009

US: Whole Foods "very pleased" with Q3 showing

4 Aug 2009

UK: Impairment charge taints improving Whole Foods

13 Jul 2009

US: Hain and Pegasus unveil “kosher” line

9 Jun 2009

US: Attune Foods rolls out probiotic bars

15 May 2009

Top stories on just-food this week

14 May 2009

US: Whole Foods shares tumble as profits fall

22 Apr 2009

Consumers look for personal benefits in green products

Ben Cooper

21 Apr 2009

US: Whole Foods extends alternative energy drive

20 Apr 2009

US: Blue Horizon secures Whole Foods listing

14 Apr 2009

US: Ahold units appoint CFO

6 Mar 2009

US: Whole Foods to sell 13 stores in FTC deal

19 Feb 2009

US: Whole Foods Q1 sales, profits down

12 Feb 2009

US: Stores fined for selling out-of-date food

6 Feb 2009

Sound bites – The year ahead for US food retailers

Ben Cooper

5 Feb 2009

US: PCA defends hygiene record

5 Feb 2009

US: FTC, Whole Foods extend settlement deadline

3 Feb 2009

US: Whole Foods, FTC delay request granted

30 Jan 2009

US: FTC, Whole Foods pause for talks

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