WILD Flavors Develops Line of Seasonal-Inspired Mocktail Flavors

30 November 2012 | News | Source: Wild Flavors, Inc

Erlanger, KY (November 14, 2012) - WILD Flavors, Inc. (WILD) celebrates the unique characteristics of alcoholic beverage with a line of seasonal-inspired, "Mocktail" flavors. WILD's line Mocktail flavors can be applied to various categories of non-alcoholic applications including bakery, dairy, beverage, and confectionary.

Mocktail flavors have grown in popularity and non-alcoholic flavors are now being utilized in many products and concepts. Inspired by popular alcoholic beverages, WILD's line of flavors is reminiscent of seasonal bar drinks, but developed for a variety non-alcoholic food and beverage applications.

The Mocktail line of flavors includes: Spring Flavors: Natural Lady Marmalade Type Flavor, Natural Bloody Mary Seasoning, Natural Gin and Tonic Type Flavor, Natural Frenchy Cocktail Flavor. Summer Flavors: Natural Fresh Pineapple Herbal Mint, Natural Lava Flow Flavor, Natural Peach Sangria Type Flavor, Natural Fresh Pineapple Lime.  Autumn Flavors: Natural Pumpkin Spice Rum Flavor, Natural El Diablo Type Flavor, Natural Vanilla Rum Type Flavor, Natural Horchata Rum Type Flavor. Winter Flavors: Natural Tickled Pink Type Flavor, Natural Cocoa Flavor and Natural and Artificial Crème Sweet (Dark and Fluffy), Natural Rum Type Flavor and Natural Ginger Flavor (Dark and Stormy) and Natural Apple Spice Butter Rum Type Flavor.

Contact WILD for more information on the Seasonal Mocktail line, and how these flavors provide an on-trend, great tasting addition to various food and beverage product applications!



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