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The just-food interview - IAWS 16 Jun 2008

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With food firms of all sizes feeling the pinch from commodity prices, it would be easy to see the merger between bakery groups IAWS and Hiestand as a way of better absorbing rising costs. However, in this month's just-food interview, IAWS chief operating officer Hugo Kane tells Dean Best that the deal is more about growing two successful businesses.

US tomato salmonella scare 12 Jun 2008

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With concern over food safety mounting in the US, the salmonella outbreak sweeping the tomato sector has shaken consumer confidence - and added fuel to the debate over the effectiveness of the US Food and Drug Administration. Dean Best reports on why a more open FDA is still facing flak.

Romanian Retail 10 Jun 2008

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In spite of its relatively poor infrastructure and high inflation, Romania is attracting significant inward investment from major international retailers such as Carrefour and Metro. Mark Rowe reports.

M&S brand move under scrutiny 6 Jun 2008

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As Marks & Spencer reported its year-end results last month, the UK retailer also announced that it planned to introduce branded goods into some of its stores on a trial basis. With the pilot project now underway, Ben Cooper reports on a move that runs counter both to long-standing principles at M&S and current trends in the grocery market.

Europe's dairy farmers strike 4 Jun 2008

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European farmers have launched a delivery boycott in protest at the falling price of milk and rising production costs. However, with dairy companies, retailers and consumers all feeling the pinch from rising energy and food costs tough negotiations could be in store. Katy Humphries reports.

Heinz bounces back 2 Jun 2008

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Rising costs and weak consumer spending is hitting much of the US food industry but one company weathering the storm is Heinz. Two years after a boardroom battle engulfed the ketchup maker, CEO Bill Johnson has steered the company into calmer waters and has targeted sustained growth in the years ahead. Dean Best reports on how Heinz rediscovered the ingredients for success.

Getting kids to eat their greens 29 May 2008

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Public health agencies believe tackling child obesity involves both discouraging the eating of unhealthy foods, and increasing consumption of healthy foods, in particular fruits and vegetables. Ben Cooper looks at what produce companies in the US are contributing to the battle, and how their activities are viewed by campaigners.

Just the Answer - Wyke Farms 27 May 2008

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Wyke Farms, the independent UK dairy firm, has carved a place among the country's largest cheese makers and is now looking to expand internationally. In this month's Just the Answer, Dean Best spoke to managing director Richard Clothier about how Wyke has grown at home and its ambitions abroad.

France faces up to child obesity 23 May 2008

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France may be seen as one of the world's gastronomic heartlands but it has not been immune to a problem seen in many Western countries - childhood obesity. The French government has recently launched a raft of initiatives in a bid to improve children's diets but is facing calls to bring in more regulation - particularly on advertising. Ben Cooper reports.

M&S sets out food battleplan 21 May 2008

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Once hailed as the saviour of Marks & Spencer, chief executive Sir Stuart Rose has faced questions over his leadership since the turn of the year. A set of mixed annual results has cast further doubt on the outlook for the company's food business but, as Dean Best reports, the M&S boss believes he has the right strategy to reinvigorate the group.

The just-food interview - Duchy Originals 19 May 2008

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As it approaches its 20th birthday, Duchy Originals, the UK food company set up by the Prince of Wales, is undergoing something of a rebirth. Under new chief executive Andrew Baker, Duchy plans to return to its roots as a champion of sustainability, while looking to break into new markets, including the US. Dean Best spoke to Baker about his ambitions for the company.

Problems at Premier Foods 15 May 2008

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With a steady trading update this week, Premier Foods may believe it has stopped the rot at the UK's largest food maker. However, a series of questions still hang over the business and the jury is out over whether the company can thrive in an ever-changing grocery sector. Dean Best reports.

FDA reform in focus 13 May 2008

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In the wake of numerous food contamination scares, the effectiveness of the Food and Drug Administration in protecting food safety in the US has been a subject of fierce debate. Last month, the US Congress put forward proposals for extensive reform of the agency. Ben Cooper assesses how they have been received by industry representatives, consumer advocates and other stakeholders.

The rise and rise of probiotics 9 May 2008

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The recent tie-up between Swedish biotech company Probi and Kraft Foods underlines how significant the probiotic food sector is becoming to major food producers. Probi will be supplying probiotic ingredients for Kraft’s expanding LiveActive range, aimed at tapping into a market where consumer interest and sales are on the rise. Ben Cooper reports.

Food Forum India 2008 6 May 2008

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The challenges of operating in India's fledgling organised retail sector took centre stage at day two of the Food Forum India 2008 conference in Mumbai yesterday (7 May). Meeting ever-changing consumer demands, a nascent supply chain and a sustainable relationship between supplier and retailer were key points of discussion. Here are some of the top quotes from day two's session.

China's Food Safety Reform 1 May 2008

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Following a number of high-profile scares and widespread concern in markets importing food products from China, reform of the country’s outdated food safety legislation had become a pressing priority. However, writes Dominique Patton, the new draft law, published by the National People’s Congress (NPC) last month, has attracted criticism from food companies.

Mars buys Wrigley 29 Apr 2008

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It was a deal that shook the confectionery industry but what will Mars' US$23bn takeover of gum maker Wrigley mean for the two companies? Dean Best reports.

The just-food interview - Langholm Capital 28 Apr 2008

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Private equity groups may be seen as asset-stripping predators but Langholm Capital clearly believes it is representative of a different breed, and its recent track-record in the food industry appears to back that up. In this month’s just-food interview, Katy Humphries spoke with Langholm principal Oliver Wyncoll about the fund’s approach and what it has in store for its most recent acquisition, Tyrrells Crisps.

Additives debate heats up 24 Apr 2008

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The debate over the links between artificial food colourings and hyperactivity in children is now set to move to the European stage, and the recommendation last week by the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) that UK ministers should push for an EU-wide ban on certain colourings suggests there are some interesting discussions ahead. Ben Cooper reports.

Loblaw turnaround in the balance 22 Apr 2008

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Loblaw, Canada's largest food retailer, has faltered recently as Wal-Mart slowly builds its presence north of the border. It's all change in the company's boardroom, with Allan Leighton, once vital to the turnaround at Asda in the 1990s, charged with breathing fresh life into another grocer. But, as Dean Best discovers, Loblaw's strategy has left retail watchers unconvinced.

US premium chocolate heating up 18 Apr 2008

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Nestlé, one of the giants of the world's chocolate scene, has set its sights on the premium end of the market. The appetite for posh chocs is growing in the West, not least in the US, one of the company's target markets. But has Nestlé left it too late to be successful Stateside? Dean Best reports.

Russia in the retail spotlight 16 Apr 2008

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Wal-Mart's move this week to appoint a top Rewe executive to study how to break into Russia has again raised the question of when the US giant - as well as Carrefour and Tesco - will enter the fast-growing market. Dean Best reports.

New era at Nestle 14 Apr 2008

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Paul Bulcke has taken the helm at Nestlé during a turbulent time for the food industry. However, the world’s largest food company has, so far, weathered the storm unscathed. In fact, Katy Humphries writes, one of Bulcke’s biggest challenges will be to decide exactly what to do with the billion-dollar payout from the sale of Nestlé’s stake in US eye care company Alcon.

World Retail Congress 2008 8 Apr 2008

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The World Retail Congress in Barcelona has entered its final day today (11 April) and the cloudy skies over the Spanish city seem to reflect a downbeat atmosphere among the attendees.

Australian Retail 7 Apr 2008

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With the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) probing grocery pricing in the country, independent retailers last week reiterated claims that the dominance of Australia's two largest food chains is restricting competition and pushing up prices. At the centre of the debate is a wide divergence between the market share estimates of both sides, writes Ben Cooper, so the ACCC's own statistics will be eagerly awaited.

Just The Answer - the Starbucks, Hershey tie-up 3 Apr 2008

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Given how jealously brands guard their heritage and image, co-branded initiatives are fairly rare and are approached with delicacy and no little trepidation. The recent collaboration between Hershey and Starbucks in the premium chocolate sector offers a fascinating insight into what happens when two iconic brands join forces. Wendy Piñero, vice president consumer products at Starbucks, spoke with Michelle Russell about the challenges and opportunities the joint venture presents.

Uncertainty surrounds Tesco 1 Apr 2008

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Tesco, for so long a case study in how to succeed in UK retailing and expand overseas, is facing accusations that it is losing its touch. Speculation over its US business and signs of a lacklustre performance in the UK have generated uncertainty around the company. Dean Best reports.

The peculiar problems at Uniq 28 Mar 2008

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While Uniq announced a move into profit this week, little else the UK-based food group had to say will have enchanted investors, and most certainly not its decision to scrap its dividend. The company is suffering from the cost inflation hitting all food processors but, writes Ben Cooper, Uniq’s problems do not end there.

The just-food interview - Singapore Food Industries 26 Mar 2008

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Singapore Food Industries (SFI) is one of the country’s largest food companies with sales of S$714.9m (US$518.5m) in 2007. It is also a company with both an international profile and further aspirations overseas. Rupert Sutton met with chief operating officer Philip Lim to find out more.

The European debate on additives 20 Mar 2008

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Last week, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) published its review of research conducted in the UK into the effects of certain food additives on children’s behaviour. Ben Cooper assesses the response of key stakeholders and asks where EFSA’s findings leave the additives debate.