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The EU food industry in 2030 24 Apr 2007

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Functional and healthy foods catering for clearly defined consumer groups, or even personalised individual diets, will be the staple fare of food companies in 2030, according to speakers at a conference organised by the European Commission last week. Philippa Jones attended the event and reports on the shape of things to come.

How to manage product recalls 19 Apr 2007

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As the UK’s Food Standards Agency publishes guidelines for food companies on how to reduce the prevalence of food contaminations and how to act when they occur, researchers in Canada have suggested that food authorities may themselves have some lessons to learn about how to conduct food recalls. Ben Cooper reports.

Fresh food in India 17 Apr 2007

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The fresh foods retail sector in India is undergoing a rapid transformation, as both Indian and international retail groups look to develop fresh food and produce offers as part of their expansion strategies. Reena Mital reports.

Sainsbury's in the spotlight 12 Apr 2007

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The private equity consortium looking to take over UK retailer Sainsbury’s withdrew its offer yesterday (11 April) after failing to win over family shareholders. But, writes Katy Humphries, speculation regarding the retailer’s future is unlikely to go away.

Functional food in China 10 Apr 2007

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The Chinese have both a rich culture of traditional medicine and a reputation for living long lives, something which has not been lost on western food manufacturers. With the functional food trend constantly gathering pace, food companies are looking to learn more about the huge number of functional ingredients available in China and how best to use them. Bernice Hurst reports.

Advertising and obesity in the US 5 Apr 2007

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The inaugural meeting of the Media and Childhood Obesity: Today and Tomorrow task force was held two weeks ago. The food industry has taken an active role in this broad-based coalition through the participation of the GMA/FPA. Ben Cooper assesses the food industry’s involvement in the new initiative as part of the industry’s broader commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Growth in the UAE 4 Apr 2007

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With strong demographic and economic growth driving increased demand for modern international cuisine, the food industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is experiencing a boom that has attracted the attention of various global players. Paul Cochrane investigates the opportunities presented by this rapidly expanding market.

Growth in Chinese dairy 29 Mar 2007

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Having exported milk powder to China for some time, the New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra has moved into local production with a major investment in one of the country’s leading dairies. Dominique Patton spoke with Philip Turner, Fonterra’s general manager of government and trade for Asia, about the company’s plans for the Chinese market.

Spanish dairy market 27 Mar 2007

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Product innovation has spurred growth in the Spanish dairy sector in recent years, with consumer demand for healthier and more convenient products being met by increasingly innovative producers. Francisco Redruello of Euromonitor International analyses the current market trends and assesses the potential for further growth.

Organic and fair trade accreditation 21 Mar 2007

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Many 21st century consumers want to know whether manufacturers and retailers are dealing ethically. Checking for an organic or fair trade logo is often a first step. But do the costs of accreditation reap sufficient benefits for small producers, or would their money be better spent on talking directly to consumers? Bernice Hurst comments.

Cadbury split 16 Mar 2007

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Cadbury Schweppes’ announcement that it plans to separate its confectionery and Americas Beverages businesses has been roundly cheered by investors, with share value rising as the market salivates over the prospect of a big payout. But Katy Humphries questions whether the deal has potential downsides.

France tackles obesity 15 Mar 2007

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Food producers in France are backing a government campaign to encourage healthy diets, but the industry argues that a wider national response is required to persuade consumers to fight obesity effectively. Peter Crosskey reports.

Making it big in Japan 14 Mar 2007

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Foodex, Japan and Asia’s largest food exhibition, opened this week (13 March) and non-Japanese firms looking to enter this large and lucrative market are flocking through the doors. But how do you go about starting and building a sustainable food business in Japan? Rupert Sutton has some tips.

Dairy industry reform 13 Mar 2007

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European Commission’s proposals for reform of the EU’s dairy industry will herald significant change. Joop Kleibeuker, secretary general of the Brussels-based European Dairy Association, spoke with David Haworth about market liberalisation, new product development and the opportunities for EU dairy products in export markets.

Investing in Syria 7 Mar 2007

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Over the past six years Syria, once a byword for proto-Soviet state control and autarchy, has opened up its economy and implemented investment laws that allow foreign companies to set up shop. But few multinational food companies have wised up to the opportunities within an emerging market of 18 million consumers. As a result, those that have dipped a toe into the water, such as France's Bel Groupe, have been able to command large slices of the Syrian market. Paul Cochrane reports from Damascus.

Local sourcing 6 Mar 2007

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A lack of joined up thinking is leading to an increasingly mixed batch of messages sent by food manufacturers, retailers and governments as to where, how and what food consumers should buy. Bernice Hurst comments.

Russian retail market 1 Mar 2007

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Rising disposable incomes and growing consumerism is changing the way Russians buy their food and, according to a recent report from the Polish market research and consultancy group PMR, this is leading to a larger market share and huge opportunities for supermarket operators. Ben Cooper reports.

Cadbury eyes Indian growth – interview 27 Feb 2007

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Cadbury is reaping the reward of a long-term commitment to India, as rising incomes and retail expansion spur growth in the confectionery category. Dominique Patton spoke with marketing director for Cadbury India Sanjay Purohit about the country’s growth potential, and Cadbury’s plans for this rapidly developing market.

Breakfast cereals 21 Feb 2007

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It’s not just snap, crackle and pop in Latin America… but pester power is one of the key drivers of the booming branded breakfast cereal market, despite relatively high retail prices. Emily Woon reports.

Spotlight on food safety 20 Feb 2007

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Food safety has never been higher up the agenda of public and official concern, not only because of the danger and misery incidences such as contaminations can cause, but also because of their ability to decimate market confidence in the blink of an eye. The work of the Geneva-based International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is therefore all the more important in today’s food market. Keith Nuthall takes a look at the organisation’s work in developing and enforcing food safety guideline

French retail price war 15 Feb 2007

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French supermarkets and their suppliers had until today (15 February) to finalise their pricing structures for the coming year. To describe the current standoff as an explosive logjam barely begins to describe the state of affairs, as Peter Crosskey reports.

Hénaff centenary 13 Feb 2007

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As a leading producer of canned pâté, French company Hénaff has had to cope with the prevailing market trend towards chilled pâtés and spreads in many of its markets. Peter Crosskey spoke exclusively to Ginette Hénaff on how this established company is responding to the challenge.

Food security 8 Feb 2007

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Food security is high on the agenda of modern consumer concerns, but are shoppers right to be worried? Bernice Hurst investigates instances where a growing culture of fear is more than justified and claims confidence in food security is being undermined by sloppy practice.

Bird flu in the UK 6 Feb 2007

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The UK’s first outbreak of H5N1 avian influenza since 1991 has placed bird flu firmly in the spotlight. Did the government and company involved move react quickly enough? Katy Humphries reports.

Inter Link CEO speaks out 1 Feb 2007

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British baker Inter Link Foods had a turbulent year in 2006, ending potential takeover talks and appointing a new CEO. Joe Ayling interviewed the UK bakery’s new chief, Chris Thompson, to find out his plans for the company’s future.

Good growth for gum market 30 Jan 2007

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The high per capita gum consumption in the US would surprise no one who has seen an American movie or watched a baseball game but what is more striking is that this mature and developed market continues to show significant growth. Francisco Redruello of Euromonitor International reports on the product innovations which have sustained consumer interest.

Supermarkets in the spotlight 25 Jan 2007

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With the Competition Commission’s investigation into the UK’s GBP1.24bn (US$2.46bn) grocery sector reaching its halfway stage, the governmental watchdog has announced little that will worry the country’s leading retailers. But as Katy Humphries heard, there was far less to cheer about from the suppliers’ side.

Asia Pacific ready meals 23 Jan 2007

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For cultural reasons, the ready meals category remains virtually undeveloped in certain Asia Pacific countries, but elsewhere in the region sales are growing, spurred by changing lifestyles and retail promotion in markets such as Japan and Taiwan. Emily Woon of Euromonitor International reports.

CSR, health in focus 17 Jan 2007

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What keeps food industry executives awake at night? As we go into 2007, health and nutrition has become the number one concern for those that run food manufacturers and retailers. However, the attention now given to social responsibility reflects a major shift in priorities. Being a good corporate citizen, and being recognised as such, has become a major preoccupation for the food industry worldwide, as Catherine Sleep reports.

Importing into India 16 Jan 2007

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The imported food sector in India is growing strongly, albeit from a very small base, on the back of rising incomes, changing lifestyles and retail expansion. But, writes Reena Mital, market development will be dependent on importers taking a long-term view rather than shifting opportunistically from product to product.

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