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The just-food interview - WRAP 29 Jun 2007

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Among the green issues which have come to the fore in recent years, none is more pressing than waste reduction, and in the UK the food industry is among the worst offenders. As public and political pressure grows, the Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP) is playing a vital role in helping UK food producers and retailers to reduce waste. Dean Best met Charlotte Henderson, WRAP’s retail innovation manager, to find out more.

FDA under spotlight 27 Jun 2007

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Recent food scares in the US have focused attention on the work of the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) which many believe lacks sufficient funds to carry out its role effectively, and in the view of some requires structural reform. Peter Crosskey investigates.

Just the Answer - Zetar 25 Jun 2007

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Consumers may be looking to lead healthier lives but the urge to indulge remains strong, creating growth opportunities in the better-for-you snacks and confectionery categories. In this month's Just the Answer, Ian Blackburn, the founder and CEO of healthier confectionery and snackfoods specialist Zetar, spoke with Dean Best about the company’s rapid growth and plans for the future.

World Food Business Summit - Shanghai 20 Jun 2007

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Everything about the Chinese market is characterised by size and scale. Our reporter on the spot, Dominique Patton, gives a round-up of some of the impressive numbers that were cited by speakers at the summit this week.

Cadbury's confectionery blueprint 19 Jun 2007

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As bleak as the idea of axing 15% of a company’s workforce might appear, this morning’s announcement of a major restructuring at Cadbury Schweppes could ultimately be good news for its presence in the global confectionery market. Dean Best reports.

Food - and the new EU chemicals law 14 Jun 2007

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REACH, the new EU policy to control the use of chemicals that has just come into force, does not apply directly to food manufacturers but will certainly have an impact on food companies operating in the EU. Alan Osborn and Keith Nuthall examine the implications of the new legislation for food producers.

Uncertainty at Inter Link 12 Jun 2007

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The uncertainty surrounding the future of UK baker Inter Link Foods grew again today (12 June) as trading in the company's shares was suspended. Inter Link's bankers have rebuffed an initial approach from Irish food group McCambridge but, as Dean Best writes, the saga surrounding the cake maker is far from over.

Whole Foods plants flag in UK 7 Jun 2007

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Whole Foods Market opened its first organic and natural goods superstore outside North America, in central London yesterday (6 June). Appealing to high-end shoppers, the US niche retailer has indicated that it has big plans for the market but, writes Katy Humphries, the UK could prove a tough nut to crack.

Food and climate change 5 Jun 2007

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Environmental issues are far more prominent in public debate today than a few years ago but Dean Best wonders how widespread such concerns really are among ordinary consumers. And by the same token, as food manufacturers and retailers tailor their strategies in response to greater environmental awareness, how much effect are green issues really having on mainstream food buying habits?

Just the answer - Pure Organics 31 May 2007

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Niche food producer Pure Organics has built a strong presence in the UK in just 11 years by focusing on children’s organic convenience foods, most recently gaining a major contract with Asda for chilled ready meals. Kicking off just-food’s new Just the Answer interview series, Katy Humphries spoke with Pure Organics co-founder Pauline Stiles about the company’s vision and strategy.

ABF buys into Indian cuisine 29 May 2007

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Associated British Foods, the UK group behind Kingsmill bread and Twinings tea, has added a bit of zip to its grocery basket with the acquisition of Patak’s, the Indian cuisine business. Dean Best reports.

The just-food interview - Hain Celestial 23 May 2007

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The organic and natural food sector is clearly a growth area, led by specialists such as US-based Hain Celestial, and attracting investment from mainstream food producers. In the first of a new monthly series of interviews with key industry figures, Dean Best met David Arrow, managing director of Hain Celestial’s UK operations, to discuss the company’s plans for the UK.

Mars U-turn 21 May 2007

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The speed with which Mars has reversed its decision to switch to non-vegetarian whey in the production of some of its chocolate bars demonstrates the power consumer campaigns can exert on food producers, writes Ben Cooper. And although Mars wants to put the episode behind it, its swift response has been commended by vegetarian campaigners.

Confectionery in Germany 17 May 2007

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In spite of growth in areas such as organic chocolate and functional products, the German confectionery sector has been hard going in recent years, as consumer health concerns have changed consumer buying habits. Francisco Redruello of Euromonitor International assesses the current state of the market.

The emergence of Halal 15 May 2007

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The expanding Halal food market represents a significant opportunity for international food companies, not only in Muslim countries but also, Rupert Sutton writes, in western markets with significant and growing Muslim populations among whom Halal observance is on the increase.

Looking out for innovation 10 May 2007

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In today’s competitive marketplace, innovation is vital for maintaining growth, and the key to innovation is creativity. With that in mind, General Mills has launched an initiative aimed at tapping into expertise and original thinking from outside the company. Katy Humphries spoke with Jeff Bellairs, General Mills' director of external innovation, to find out more.

Putting the buzzwords in perspective 8 May 2007

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Ethical consumerism, the growth of the Internet, emerging markets and the threat private equity takeovers represent to retailers were among the wide range of issues discussed at the IGD Global Retailing Conference in London last week. Dean Best reports.

Category growth in Latin America 3 May 2007

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With changing lifestyles and growing spending power, packaged soup is a growth segment in Latin America. Emily Woon, senior industry analyst at Euromonitor International, highlights the key market trends and reviews current new product activity.

Hershey needs global appetite 1 May 2007

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In the midst of a major streamlining programme and having just signed an outsourcing deal with Swiss chocolate producer Barry Callebaut, these are certainly interesting times for the established US confectionery giant Hershey. But, asks Dean Best, could this activity be the prelude to the ‘transformational’ deal which some analysts believe the company needs?

Nutritional labelling 26 Apr 2007

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The contentious issue of front-of-pack nutritional labelling will not be resolved by self-regulation, says Jim Murray, director of the European Consumers’ Organisation (BEUC). As he prepares to relinquish his post after 17 years, Murray told David Haworth why.

The EU food industry in 2030 24 Apr 2007

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Functional and healthy foods catering for clearly defined consumer groups, or even personalised individual diets, will be the staple fare of food companies in 2030, according to speakers at a conference organised by the European Commission last week. Philippa Jones attended the event and reports on the shape of things to come.

How to manage product recalls 19 Apr 2007

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As the UK’s Food Standards Agency publishes guidelines for food companies on how to reduce the prevalence of food contaminations and how to act when they occur, researchers in Canada have suggested that food authorities may themselves have some lessons to learn about how to conduct food recalls. Ben Cooper reports.

Fresh food in India 17 Apr 2007

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The fresh foods retail sector in India is undergoing a rapid transformation, as both Indian and international retail groups look to develop fresh food and produce offers as part of their expansion strategies. Reena Mital reports.

Sainsbury's in the spotlight 12 Apr 2007

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The private equity consortium looking to take over UK retailer Sainsbury’s withdrew its offer yesterday (11 April) after failing to win over family shareholders. But, writes Katy Humphries, speculation regarding the retailer’s future is unlikely to go away.

Functional food in China 10 Apr 2007

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The Chinese have both a rich culture of traditional medicine and a reputation for living long lives, something which has not been lost on western food manufacturers. With the functional food trend constantly gathering pace, food companies are looking to learn more about the huge number of functional ingredients available in China and how best to use them. Bernice Hurst reports.

Advertising and obesity in the US 5 Apr 2007

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The inaugural meeting of the Media and Childhood Obesity: Today and Tomorrow task force was held two weeks ago. The food industry has taken an active role in this broad-based coalition through the participation of the GMA/FPA. Ben Cooper assesses the food industry’s involvement in the new initiative as part of the industry’s broader commitment to corporate social responsibility.

Growth in the UAE 4 Apr 2007

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With strong demographic and economic growth driving increased demand for modern international cuisine, the food industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is experiencing a boom that has attracted the attention of various global players. Paul Cochrane investigates the opportunities presented by this rapidly expanding market.

Growth in Chinese dairy 29 Mar 2007

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Having exported milk powder to China for some time, the New Zealand dairy co-operative Fonterra has moved into local production with a major investment in one of the country’s leading dairies. Dominique Patton spoke with Philip Turner, Fonterra’s general manager of government and trade for Asia, about the company’s plans for the Chinese market.

Spanish dairy market 27 Mar 2007

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Product innovation has spurred growth in the Spanish dairy sector in recent years, with consumer demand for healthier and more convenient products being met by increasingly innovative producers. Francisco Redruello of Euromonitor International analyses the current market trends and assesses the potential for further growth.

Organic and fair trade accreditation 21 Mar 2007

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Many 21st century consumers want to know whether manufacturers and retailers are dealing ethically. Checking for an organic or fair trade logo is often a first step. But do the costs of accreditation reap sufficient benefits for small producers, or would their money be better spent on talking directly to consumers? Bernice Hurst comments.

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