Dutch recall reignites concern over horsemeat

Dutch recall reignites concern over horsemeat

The Netherlands has recalled 50,000 tonnes of beef sold across Europe, reviving concerns over the contamination.

HORSEMEAT: Dutch authorities recall 50,000 tonnes beef

10 April 2013

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) has recalled around 50,000 tonnes of meat sold as beef across Europe that could potentially contain horsemeat.

HORSEMEAT: Bute found in Asda corned beef

10 April 2013

The veterinary drug phenylbutazone, or bute, has been found in Asda Smart Price corned beef.

Shopper trends: Chilled meals could bounce back

8 April 2013

The horsemeat saga hit sales of ready meals but SymphonyIRI's Tim Eales believes demand for chilled products will bounce back once memories of the contamination fade.

GLOBAL: Horsemeat "dodged bullet" for food industry

26 March 2013

A prominent academic has suggested the international food industry was lucky the horsemeat scandal related only to the fraudulent use of an apparently safe raw material.

EXCLUSIVE: CAGE: Horsemeat saga will shrink supply chains - Kerry CEO

20 March 2013

Kerry Group chief executive Stan McCarthy has predicted there will be fewer companies involved in the supply of meat as the industry responds to the recent horsemeat contamination saga.

HORSEMEAT: Birds Eye supplier QK aware of contamination last year

15 March 2013

Irish meat firm QK Meats, a supplier to Birds Eye, was first alerted to the presence of horsemeat in beef shipped from Poland in June 2012 after its own tests came back positive for horse DNA.

UK: Tesco pledges to double Northern Ireland meat purchasing

14 March 2013

UK retail giant Tesco has pledged to double the amount it spends on buying fresh beef, pork and chicken from farmers in Northern Ireland.

HORSEMEAT: Tesco recalls meatloaf after further horsemeat found

13 March 2013

Tesco has recalled its own label frozen Simply Roast Meatloaf after detecting a horsemeat content of between 2% and 5%.

HORSEMEAT: FSA tests find potential horse DNA in six products

11 March 2013

A UK-wide beef product survey by the country's Food Standards Agency has found six beef products that could potentially contain horse DNA.

In the spotlight: Boparan continues M&A march with Vion buy

5 March 2013

Boparan Holdings, the parent company of 2 Sisters Food Group, has continued its drive to rapidly expand its footprint with the announcement that it has acquired the remaining Vion meat businesses in the UK. Katy Askew takes a look at how ambitious 2 Sisters hopes to succeed in a market where Vion struggled.

Comment: Horsemeat saga exacerbates ready meal sales decline

5 March 2013

Nearly two months into the horsemeat scandal that has rocked the food industry, UK figures highlighting a sales slowdown in ready meals raise the question of whether this is a temporary blip or a long-term structural decline.

HORSEMEAT: FSA tests reveal four products containing horsemeat

1 March 2013

Four more products have tested positive for horse DNA in the latest set of results received by the UK's Food Standards Agency from the industry.

HORSEMEAT: UPDATE: Tesco CEO announces supply chain changes

27 February 2013

Tesco's CEO has announced a raft of changes to its supply chain in the shadow of the horsemeat scandal, including a promise to source all fresh chicken from within the UK and the appointment of an 'agriculture director'.

HORSEMEAT: Tesco to 'bring meat production home' - CEO

27 February 2013

Tesco has indicated that it will source more meat in the UK as it looks to tighten security down the supply chain in response to the horsemeat scandal that has engulfed Europe.

Consuming issues: Let them eat horse

26 February 2013

The suggestion this weekend from German development minister Dirk Niebel that food products containing horsemeat should be distributed to the poor reminds us that, while indicative of a glaring lack of scrutiny on the part of food companies, the horsemeat scandal has represented no danger to human health to date.

FRANCE: Hollande calls for European action on ready-meal labels

25 February 2013

French President François Hollande has demanded EU labelling requirements for meat in ready meals.

HORSEMEAT: FSA second test results largely negative

25 February 2013

The UK's Food Standards Agency has released a second set of test results from the industry revealing 99% of products sampled proved negative for traces of horse DNA.

HORSEMEAT: Birds Eye pulls ready meals on positive test

22 February 2013

Birds Eye has pulled three beef ready meals from supermarkets in the UK and Ireland as a precaution after a product it sells in Belgium tested positive for horse DNA.

Talking tech: Horsemeat scare shows need to improve tests, traceability

20 February 2013

The European food industry has been shaken to its core by a scandal involving the contamination of processed beef products with undeclared horsemeat. The scare has undermined consumer confidence in the reliability of the food chain and highlighted the vulnerability of a complex and highly integrated system that is primarily based on trust. Katy Askew asks what the food industry can do to avert future contamination issues.

HORSEMEAT: UK FSA extends meat testing

20 February 2013

The UK's Food Standards Agency (FSA) is to double its testing of meat products in the wake of the horsemeat contamination scandal.

HORSMEAT: Nestle ups supply chain surveillance after contamination

20 February 2013

Nestle is increasing quality and safety checks down its supply chain after the world's largest food group was forced to recall three products contaminated with horsemeat.

HORSEMEAT: Contamination impact on sales emerges

19 February 2013

Sales of frozen products in the UK, Ireland and France have taken a hit from the horsemeat contamination scandal, data has revealed.

HORSEMEAT: Nestle recalls ready meals in Spain, Italy

19 February 2013

Nestle has recalled two beef ready meals on sale in Spain and Italy after tests returned positive for horse DNA.

HORSEMEAT: EU MEPs slam food industry

19 February 2013

Members of the European Parliament have demanded severe punishments for food manufacturers found guilty of mislabelling horsemeat as beef.

HORSEMEAT: French firm Spanghero partially resumes operations

18 February 2013

Spanghero, the French firm at the centre of the horsemeat scandal, has been given the go-ahead to partially resume its business activities.

Horsemeat contamination "storm in a teacup", insists Iceland chief

18 February 2013

Rarely lost for words, Malcolm Walker, chief executive of UK retailer Iceland, has raised eyebrows with his comments on the horsemeat contamination scandal.

UK: Defra: We acted on bute-in-horsemeat warnings

18 February 2013

The UK government has denied claims it ignored warnings that horsemeat slaughtered in the UK and destined for export to Europe could contain veterinary drug phenylbutazone.

HORSEMEAT: Asda finds horse DNA in Greencore chilled sauce

15 February 2013

Asda has recalled fresh sauce manufactured by private-label giant Greencore after finding horse DNA in the line - the first product outside the frozen aisle to become embroiled in the contamination scandal.

HORSEMEAT: French minister points finger at Spanghero

14 February 2013

The French government has pointed the finger firmly at local firm Spanghero in the scandal over horse meat being passed off as beef.

HORSEMEAT: FRANCE: Deal on plans to change labelling rules

13 February 2013

Changes to France's laws on food labelling and traceability look set to be introduced in the wake of the horse meat contamination that has engulfed the country's food sector.

HORSEMEAT: Police raid two UK meat firms

13 February 2013

UK police have raided two meat firms as part of an investigation into how beef products containing horse meat have been sold.

ROMANIA: Bucharest protests innocence over horse meat

11 February 2013

Romania this afternoon (11 February) insisted the two slaughterhouses in the country under scrutiny over horse meat contamination have not broken EU food rules.

UK: FSA says traceability working in horse meat scare

11 February 2013

The UK's Food Standards Agency has insisted the traceability systems in place to track ingredients down the supply chain are proving robust as it works to uncover how undeclared horse meat made its way onto frozen beef products.

Best bits: Horse meat scandal of industry's own making

11 February 2013

In an sector in which profit margins are wafer thin, with retail pressure bearing down on manufacturers and manufacturers bearing down on their suppliers, it really is not a surprise that the best deal will be sought after and snaffled up, writes Dean Best. But the old adage of "if something appears too good to be true, it probably is" has rarely felt so apt.

UK: Government to consult on supply chain security - Defra

11 February 2013

The UK government is to meet industry officials to determine whether the supply chain needs to be placed under greater scrutiny to ensure food security in the country.

EUROPE: Horse meat: Romania "source" for Findus contamination

11 February 2013

An abbatoir in Romania is alleged to be the source of the horse meat contained in Findus products that have sparked the crisis that has rocked Europe's food industry.

FRANCE: French retailers pull products amid horse meat fears

11 February 2013

Six of France's largest retail chains have pulled products from their shelves amid concerns the lines could contain horse meat.

Comment: Horse meat scandal likely to widen

8 February 2013

As our understanding of the horse meat contamination scandal develops the number of food products drawn in is likely to expand, raising some fundamental questions about the security of our food supply.

UK/EUROPE: Police to investigate horse meat scandal

8 February 2013

The UK's Food Standards Agency confirmed this morning (8 February) it is cooperating with European police authorities as it works to get to the bottom of the horse meat scandal.

UK: FSA demands "comprehensive" meat testing programme

8 February 2013

The UK's Food Standards Agency has demanded the food industry implement a "more comprehensive" meat testing programme, following news that undeclared horse meat has now been found in frozen ready meals.

Horse meat scandal moves to ready meals

7 February 2013

As confirmation comes that horse meat, which was initially detected in frozen beef burgers, has now been discovered in beef ready meals, one is left wondering just how deep this issue goes.

UK: Horse meat confirmed in Findus "beef" lasagne

7 February 2013

Horse meat has been found in beef lasagne produced by French manufacturer Comigel on behalf of Findus UK, sparking fresh recalls from Tesco and Aldi.

UPDATE: UK/IRELAND: McAdam downplays horse meat link

6 February 2013

McAdam Food Service, the Irish meat importer that ABP Foods claimed supplied it with horse meat-contaminated beef, has downplayed the possibility it is involved in the scandal.

UK/IRELAND: ABP fingers McAdam in horse meat scandal

6 February 2013

ABP Food Group has implicated meat importer McAdam Food Service as the supplier responsible for providing it with ingredients contaminated with horse meat.

UK: FSA to publish results of horse meat tests

5 February 2013

The UK's Food Standards Agency has said it will publish the results of tests for horse meat DNA to be carried out on beef burgers sold at UK retailers.

In the spotlight: MPs grill FSA over horse meat in burgers

1 February 2013

The horse-meat-in-burgers scandal rumbled on this week. Tesco, The Co-op and Aldi ended some contracts with the supplier at the centre of the affair and sought to reassure consumers of their efforts to improve food quality. Meanwhile, in Westminster, UK regulator The Food Standards Agency was in the spotlight. Dean Best reports on the issues that emerged from the regulator's appearance before MPs.

IRELAND/UK: Aldi drops Silvercrest, Dalepak on positive horse meat tests

31 January 2013

Aldi has become the latest retailer to drop Irish meat supplier Silvercrest Foods after tests found traces of horse DNA in its burgers.

UK: Co-op delists Silvercrest after positive horse DNA tests

30 January 2013

UK retailer The Co-operative Group has become the second retailer to drop Irish meat supplier Silvercrest Foods after tests found traces of horse DNA in its burgers.

UK: Tesco plans DNA tests on meat, ends Silvercrest contract

30 January 2013

Tesco plans to introduce DNA tests on all its meat products in the wake of the horse meat scandal, an affair that has led the UK retailer to drop one of the suppliers at the centre of the contamination.

EUROPE: Ireland seeks Polish assurances on horse DNA

29 January 2013

Ireland's agriculture minister has sought assurances from Poland's food safety authorities that beef burger filler supplied by Polish companies to Irish and UK processors will not again contain horse DNA.

SPAIN: Horse meat DNA detected in Spanish burgers

29 January 2013

Undeclared horse meat DNA has been found in Spanish burgers, a leading consumer organisation revealed today (29 January).

UK/IRELAND: Horse DNA in beef burgers traced to Poland

28 January 2013

Filler ingredient from Poland is the source of horse DNA found in beef burgers on sale in the UK and Ireland, according to Irish agriculture officials.

UK: FSA confirms safety lapses on horse meat exports

24 January 2013

The UK Food Standards Agency has admitted that it found traces of a cancer-causing drug in horse meat exported to Europe in 2012, but there is no link to the recent cases of horse DNA in burgers.

COMMENT: Horse meat raises supply chain concerns

21 January 2013

Some serious questions over the reliability of the supply chain were raised last week, when Irish food safety authorities detected the presence of undeclared horse and pig meat in burgers and ready meals.

UPDATE: EUROPE: Dutch, Spanish food agencies join horse meat probe

18 January 2013

Food safety officials in the Netherlands and Spain have joined the investigation into horse DNA in frozen beef burgers in the UK and Ireland, after new tests point to ingredients suppliers in Europe.

UK/IRELAND: Net closing on horse meat DNA source

18 January 2013

Irish food safety officials investigating how horse and pig DNA ended up in frozen beef burgers on sale in the UK and Ireland have pinpointed a European ingredients supplier as one possible source of the problem.

In the spotlight: Horse meat scandal: What's at stake?

16 January 2013

News of horse DNA in the economy beef burger ranges of some major retailers raises serious questions around corporate food governance, government monitoring and the implications for public confidence.

Quote, unquote: Horse meat scandal rocks Ireland, UK

16 January 2013

The discovery of horse meat in beefburgers sold by Tesco, Aldi, Lidl, Iceland and Dunnes Stores in the UK and Ireland has sent shock waves through the industry. While the retailers have been quick to pull affected products and launch investigations into how the horse meat made its way into the supply chain, it seems likely that the issue has the potential to undermine public confidence in prepared meat products.

UPDATE - UK/IRELAND: Food safety officials, retailers grapple with horse meat findings

16 January 2013

The UK Food Standards Agency has called an emergency meeting of experts and industry over findings that some beef burgers contain traces of horse meat, as Tesco, Aldi, Lidl and Iceland initiate recalls.

UK/IRELAND: Tesco pulls burgers after horse meat traces found

16 January 2013

Tesco has recalled some ranges of burgers in Ireland and the UK after food safety officials reported finding traces of horse meat in samples on sale in its stores, as well as in other retailers' outlets.

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