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Kraft Foods has officially split into two companies. One, Mondelez International, a high-growth global snacks firm that will look to ramp up expansion in the developing world. The other, Kraft Foods Group, a North American grocery powerhouse that intends to bolster its business by investing in strong brands and cutting its cost base. just-food takes a look at these different strategies.

Profile: Split to bring greater focus for Kraft

1 October 2012

Kraft Foods Group, the US$18.7bn North American grocery giant that will emerge when it is formally spun-off from the firm's global snacks business today (1 October), is a powerhouse of brands operating in the world's most profitable grocery market. According to Kraft Foods Group management, going forward the company's mandate is clear: it must improve efficiency and increase investment behind its brands in order to grow sales and beef up shareholder returns. However, Katy Askew suggests, the task awaiting the newly-formed food group could prove quite a challenge.

Profile: Mondelez takes place on starting block

1 October 2012

As Kraft Foods completes the formal split of its business into two units today (1 October), Mondelez has its eye firmly on its growth strategy. The firm has set out a comprehensive agenda of what it wants to achieve. Michelle Russell reports on the path that Mondelez has chosen and how it hopes to drive sales growth for years to come.

US: Kraft US arm to "turbo-charge" brands

10 September 2012

The company set to form Kraft Foods' North American business will look to "turbo-charge" its "iconic" brands to gain an edge on its competitors, the CEO-designate of the business has claimed.

US: Kraft says forex to hit Mondelez in 2013

7 September 2012

Kraft Foods has said earnings from Mondelez International, the global snacks business the split of the US food giant will create next month, will be affected by currency headwinds in 2013.

Best bits: Kraft rolls up sleeves and prepares for split

6 August 2012

A year on from an announcement that stunned the industry, Kraft Foods has revealed the formal split of its business in two will take place this autumn. There have been concerns over the performance of the company that will focus on the North American grocery sector but Kraft's first-half results indicated some resilience.

US: Kraft split set for October

3 August 2012

Kraft Foods has said the split of the company in two, creating a North American grocery company and a global snacks manufacturer, will take place in October.

BRICs and beyond: Kraft eyes taste of success in India with Toblerone launch

11 July 2012

US food giant Kraft Foods confirmed its much-speculated launch of Toblerone into India last week. Michelle Russell takes a look at why Kraft has introduced Toblerone into India, which brands it will compete against and the projected growth for the sector.

In the spotlight: Kraft's North American grocery unit

5 April 2012

The spotlight fell on Kraft's North American grocery unit this week, when the firm released some details on the shape the business will take after it is spun-off from the group's international snacks division later this year. Katy Askew reports.

US: Kraft to name global snacks arm Mondelez International

21 March 2012

Kraft Foods, which is set to split in two later this year, said today (21 March) the global snacks company to be formed is set to be called Mondelez International.

CAGNY: Kraft upbeat about brands in developed markets

21 February 2012

Kraft Foods has insisted it will be able to drive continued strong growth in its "power brands" and grow its market share in developed markets like the US.

In the spotlight: Kraft puts "lean, mean machine" in motion

20 January 2012

Kraft Foods, which plans to split in two by the end of the year, this week outlined the first impact of the move when it announced plans to cut 1,600 jobs in North America. Analysts believe the split allows the US food giant to accelerate efforts to cut costs and boost margins from the new grocery business. Michelle Russell reports.

On the money: Kraft CEO again forced to defend split

3 November 2011

Kraft Foods chairman and CEO Irene Rosenfeld was again forced to defend the company's plans to split in two after it reported higher quarterly sales and profits.

US: "New reality" makes Kraft split vital - Rosenfeld

8 September 2011

The chief executive of Kraft Foods has asserted that the planned split of the company into two separate units is vital to face the “new reality” of the food industry.

In the spotlight: Kraft split revives Cadbury's belief in focus

5 August 2011

Kraft Foods' decision to split itself in two has surprised industry watchers, not least because the US food giant believes the two companies - a North American grocery business and a global snacks maker - will benefit from greater focus. However, as Dean Best writes, we have had that argument before - when Cadbury tried to fend off Kraft's takeover bid in 2009.

UPDATE: US: Kraft CEO Rosenfeld outlines benefits of spin off

4 August 2011

Kraft Foods' decision to divide itself in two will benefit the company's retail sales strategy and its perception among investors, chairman and CEO Irene Rosenfeld said today (4 August) as she defended the surprise move.

GLOBAL: Kraft split to create global snacks business

4 August 2011

Kraft Foods is to split into two companies, a move that will create a global snacks maker that would sell brands including Oreo biscuits and Cadbury chocolate.

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