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The outlook for 2015 22 Dec 2014

Contains 6 articles

just-food takes a look at some key trends that are likely to be key to the food sector in 2015, from the prospects for M&A to significant consumer trends and hot emerging markets.

Reformulation in focus 3 Dec 2014

Contains 5 articles

just-food's latest management briefing examines the complex issue of reformulation. With public health resources already stretched, dietary health is increasingly under the microscope. To some, reformulation is key. But what role should the food sector, consumers and governments play in forcing the pace of change?

The prospects for protein 31 Oct 2014

Contains 6 articles

More consumers, keen to follow a healthier diet, are looking for products high in protein. just-food analyses what is driving demand, shines the spotlight on key categories, outlines the ingredients used in high-protein foods and discusses the moves the packaged food giants are making in the space.

Dairy in India 30 Sep 2014

Contains 7 articles

Held up as one of the world's key growth markets for the dairy sector, demand for packaged products in India is rising rapidly but there are significant challenges for investors, not least from local competition and supply chain infrastructure.

Japan and growth 14 Aug 2014

Contains 6 articles

A sustained economic malaise and unhelpful demographic trends have seen Japan lose its lustre in recent years. This management briefing looks at how the country's food manufacturers are looking abroad but also how there is opportunity within the market for growth.

The rise of Vietnam 12 Jun 2014

Contains 7 articles

just-food delves into the the potential - and significant challenges - presented by this up-and-coming emerging market

FMCG in the Middle East: challenges and opportunities 2 May 2014

Contains 9 articles

In our latest management briefing, the just-food team looks at the opportunities for FMCG companies in the Middle East and interviews the likes of Nestle, Mondelez and Arla Foods for their views on the region.

Global confectionery 10 Mar 2014

Contains 7 articles

From the heightened scrutiny on sugar and dealing with the intractable issue of child labour, to the two-speed market for chewing gum and the potential of developing economies, just-food looks at some of the hot issues in global confectionery.

just-food's outlook for 2014 31 Jan 2014

Contains 4 articles

The just-food team analyses the key issues in M&A, international grocery retail and sustainability facing the food industry this year.

just-food's review of 2013 20 Dec 2013

Contains 8 articles

From horsemeat to Heinz and from the flurry of M&A in baby food to the continued rise of gluten free, just-food rounds up the stories and issues that dominated the global food industry in 2013.

China: riding the dragon 29 Nov 2013

Contains 5 articles

This year, China's GDP is forecast to grow at the slowest rate for over a decade. However, the country is set to be remain the global growth engine, presenting huge opportunities for food companies. There are, however, myriad challenges to navigate.

Seizing India's potential 31 Oct 2013

Contains 5 articles

The sheer size of India's population - and the growing wealth in the country - offers opportunity for FMCG companies. However, the country's economy has slowed, inflation is proving an issue and distribution remains a serious challenge. just-food's latest BRICs briefing provides an in-depth look at the market.

The FMCG sector in Russia's cooling economy 1 Oct 2013

Contains 5 articles

Russia, like its BRIC counterparts, had a heady decade of growth, was hit by the global financial crisis, saw a rebound of sorts - but is this year seeing growth slow. Our latest management briefing looks at how FMCG companies are operating in the market.

Navigating Brazil's slowdown 30 Aug 2013

Contains 5 articles

Brazil has one of the world's most rapidly developing economies but after years of solid growth, the country's economy has slowed somewhat. We take a look at the pitfalls, the challenges, as well as the opportunities for FMCG companies and retailers investing in the country.

Interest in organic baby food intensifies 5 Aug 2013

Contains 5 articles

In the space of three weeks in May, three major multinationals swooped to buy organic food businesses. Sales in the sector are on the rise and, in this briefing, we look at the deals at the detail and interview Organix, a leading brand in the UK.

Breakfast cereal firms search for growth 4 Jun 2013

Contains 4 articles

Breakfast cereals - a staple in Western diets - are under pressure as consumer habits change. In this month's briefing we look at the factors hitting cereal consumption and how manufacturers are looking to revitalise sales.

Growth of the gluten-free market 30 Apr 2013

Contains 4 articles

just-food takes a look at the potential offered by the gluten-free market around the world, examining where growth is being generated today - and where companies are looking to drive future revenues.

just-food's 2013 confidence survey 2 Apr 2013

Contains 4 articles

We asked you for your thoughts on 2013, the outlook for the industry and the prospects for your business. The just-food team, alongside SymphonyIRI, Grant Thornton and Mintel, analysed the results.

just-food's outlook for 2013 31 Jan 2013

Contains 4 articles

Our team of writers gaze into their crystal balls and - with the help of industry experts - predict what the year holds for NPD, M&A, international retail and sustainability.

2012: just-food's review of the year 1 Jan 2013

Contains 4 articles

Economic uncertainty prevailed and the industry battled commodity volatility and weak consumer confidence. Here, we took a look back at another challenging year for the sector.

Packaging - from sustainability to innovation 3 Dec 2012

Contains 4 articles

We take a look at the challenges and opportunities for packaging suppliers and their food customers on issues including sustainability and innovation.

The nutrient taxes debate 1 Nov 2012

Contains 4 articles

Taxing foods according to their nutritional value to tackle diet-related health problems has been a topic of fierce debate over the past few years. This month's just-food management briefing for subscribers looks at this thorny issue in detail.

Logistics - the latest challenges and opportunities 30 Sep 2012

Contains 4 articles

The prolonged economic downturn, the increased influence of the emerging markets and the pressure from green issues are all having an impact on logistics providers - and their manufacturing and retail customers.

Social media - the potential and the pitfalls 1 Aug 2012

Contains 4 articles

Manufacturers and retailers are continuing to use social media to market new products and connect with consumers. In this month's management briefing, Jonathan Thomas looks at how and why the likes of Facebook and Twitter are being used - and the potential and the problems of the medium.

Enterprise Resource Planning software 28 Jun 2012

Contains 4 articles

The global economic downturn has exacerbated the cost pressure food manufacturers are facing, at the same as regulation has increased and scrutiny on the supply chain has intensified. This management briefing looks at Enterprise Resource Planning, software systems that aim to help companies manage cost and monitor their supply chains.

Fat reformulation - the challenge of change 31 May 2012

Contains 4 articles

The food industry is changing product recipes in response to pressure from regulators, campaigners and consumers but reformulation remains a challenge. In this month's management briefing, Ben Cooper looks at the progress that has been made and analyses if manufacturers can do more.

just-food's 2012 Confidence Survey 29 Apr 2012

Contains 4 articles

We asked, you, our international readership for your views on how you believed the year would pan out for your business and for the food sector - and the results made for fascinating reading.

The just-food briefing - stevia: is it the holy grail of sweeteners? 31 Mar 2012

Contains 4 articles

Few ingredients have been discussed as much as stevia in recent months. The natural, zero-calorie intense sweetener is seen as having a lot of potential but can it live up to the hype?

The just-food briefing - nutritional labelling 1 Mar 2012

Contains 4 articles

What to put on front-of-pack nutrition labels has become a matter of fierce contention in many markets around the world. This management briefing looks at the debate between industry, government and campaigners in two key markets - the US and Australia.

What to watch in 2012 7 Feb 2012

Contains 3 articles

Water usage, food security, the "savvy shopper" and industry consolidation will be themes to watch this year

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