just-food's outlook for 2013


Our team of writers gaze into their crystal balls and - with the help of industry experts - predict what the year holds for NPD, M&A, international retail and sustainability.

just-food's outlook for 2013: Consumer trends to watch

31 January 2013

If innovation is the lifeblood of a healthy brand, then getting that innovation right is key to growth. Over the coming year, we are likely to see a swathe of development across the food sector. However, success will hinge on a good understanding of consumer trends. It will identify a growing demand or niche that is yet to be filled. Katy Askew takes a look at some of the key consumer trends that are likely to drive innovation during 2013.

just-food's 2013 outlook: Food waste set to dominate sustainability agenda

31 January 2013

As food companies continue to develop their sustainability strategies and improve performance across a range of environmental and social criteria, issues such as water efficiency, carbon emissions, the use of renewable energy, climate-friendly packaging and sustainable agriculture will all be much discussed during the coming 12 months. However, for the food industry this may be a year when one particular subject eclipses all others, and that issue is food waste. Ben Cooper reports.

just-food's outlook for 2013: Mega deals unlikely as consolidation continues

31 January 2013

There may be caution over the prospect for blockbuster deals in a dilapidated economic environment, but the food sector mergers and acquisitions table still has plenty to whet the appetite.

just-food's outlook for 2013: the international retail scene

31 January 2013

2012 was undoubtedly a year of economic pressure for grocery retailers, as consumer spending continued to constrict. With little less pressure expected in 2013, will we see the trend towards internationalisation slow further? Michelle Russell takes a look at some of the key trends that will shape the international retail scene.

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just-food's outlook for 2013

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