Packaging - from sustainability to innovation

Packaging - from sustainability to innovation

We take a look at the challenges and opportunities for packaging suppliers and their food customers on issues including sustainability and innovation.

Packaging - the challenges of greener packaging

30 November 2012

Sustainability has become a key area of focus for most, if not all, manufacturers and retailers, as companies look to make their businesses more environmentally-friendly.

Packaging - the trends behind innovation

30 November 2012

As competition in the grocery sector continues at apace, it has become more important than ever for manufacturers and retailers to ensure their packaging stands out on shelf and addresses a range of key issues. This can range from the design and functionality of packaging to the cost and on-shelf impact. Here, packaging firms tell just-food what is driving innovation in the sector, the challenges and the trends that are emerging.

Talking tech: The rise of smarter packaging

17 July 2012

Increasingly demanding requirements from food manufacturers and their consumers mean that packaging is becoming progressively 'smarter'. Active or intelligent packaging is a sector which continues to grow in size, with expansion driven by new applications and innovation. Jonathan Thomas reports.

Talking tech: Pouches - the lighter, more convenient food packaging?

26 June 2012

First developed as a method of storing provisions by the US military, pouches are becoming a common feature across the global food industry. Products such as retort pouches - heat-resistant bags usually made from laminated plastic films and then heat-sealed and sterilised by pressure cooking - have encroached upon the territory of more traditional packaging such as metal cans during the last decade. Jonathan Thomas reports.

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Packaging - from sustainability to innovation

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