What to watch in 2012

What to watch in 2012

Water usage, food security, the "savvy shopper" and industry consolidation will be themes to watch this year

2012 - Supermarket battles to drive supplier M&A

6 February 2012

Some of the world's largest retailers struggled in 2011, which promises to mean even more intense competition in 2012. What could this mean for suppliers? Ultimately, it could mean the industry witnesses more consolidation this year.

2012 - Savvy shoppers, online key areas of retail focus

3 February 2012

In part two of our management briefing, Sam Webb talks to experts about the possible changes to the landscape of the food retail sector in 2012, amid power shifts, market volatility, evolving shopping trends and changing consumer habits.

2012 - CSR spotlight moves to water, supply chains

3 February 2012

Forecasting that sustainability will be a prominent subject in 2012 is hardly the boldest of predictions. But given the complexity and breadth of the sustainability arena, predicting what the hotspots will be during the coming 12 months is an altogether different proposition. There are some racing certainties, however.

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What to watch in 2012

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