Taiwan's largest chain of convenience stores, 7-Eleven, is going head to head with the fastfood giants by adding hamburgers to its range of fresh foods.

The burgers will be available in four flavours: spicy chicken and teriyaki pork burgers for NT$39 (US$0.55) each, and ham & egg and spicy ham & egg burgers for NT$19 each, reports the China Post.

They will be available to shoppers in the company's more than 3300 branches across the island, said chief marketing officer Ray Chen. The company believes that its 24/7 policy and number of branches give it a distinct advantage over fastfood chains.

One area where 7-Eleven may not be able to compete is taste and texture, however, as the burgers will still need to be micro waved before they are eaten. Other neighbourhood stores that have offered similar products have met with limited success.

McDonald's Restaurants (Taiwan) Co. politely responded to the news that 7-Eleven was entering the hamburger market, saying they were glad to see the company "add more choices for consumers".