Retailer Ahold has announced a small fall in net sales, caused by the effect of a weaker US dollar, in the second quarter ended 17 July 2005.

Net sales in the second quarter were €10.449bn, a decline of 0.9% compared to sales of €10.542bn in the same period last year. Net sales were impacted by the lower US dollar exchange rate, the company said.

Net sales, excluding the impact of currency, increased by 0.6%.

The company's total retail sales were €6.957bn, compared with €6.869, while the US food service division made sales of €3.492bn, compared with €3.673bn.

Net sales in the first half were €23.415bn, compared with €23.635bn the year before. They included retail sales of €15.645bn (€15.500bn) and US food service sales of €7.770bn (€8.135bn).