Aldi developing sustainable tuna suppply

Aldi developing sustainable tuna suppply

Aldi has implemented tracking across its range of canned tuna in Australia, enabling consumers to trace product back to its sauce and ensuring that the tuna was caught in a sustainable way.

The Food and Agriculture Organisation catchment area will be printed on the lid of each can and consumers will be able to access information on the fishing boat of port of entry through Adli Australia's website.

"Aldi's strict supply guidelines, combined with innovative labelling, ensure that all our canned tuna is now fully traceable to the area it was caught, giving consumers more choice and confidence in their purchasing decisions," the company said.

Aldi added that it is committed to switching its supply of tuna to more sustainable sources over the next two years. 

"By 2016, our entire canned tuna range will be sourced using a combination of the available sustainable options including Pole & Line caught and FAD Free (Fish Aggregating Devices) methods. Our range will include Yellowfin Tuna sourced from areas where the Biomass exceeds the Maximum Sustainable Yield."