Hairy Dieters NPD

Hairy Dieters NPD

UK firm All About Food is launching a line of "fakeaway" curry sauces under the Hairy Dieters brand, which it produces under licence.

The Hairy Dieters line, based on recipes from Hairy Bikers TV chefs Si King and Dave Myers, is being extended by three takeaway favourites: Tikka Masala, Korma and Saag.

The Hairy Dieters low-fat "fakeway" cooking sauces will be available in 275g pouches exclusively in Asda with an RRP of GBP1.99 (US$3.37).

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Hairy Dieters tackle takeaway lovers with low-fat ‘fakeaway' sauces
The TV chefs launch three NEW SKUs in Asda

The Hairy Bikers are introducing a new range of Indian cooking sauces, which are lower in fat and sugar to similar alternatives, but packed full of traditional flavour. The range of ‘fakeaway' curries bring healthy variety to the category and consist of three takeaway favourites: Tikka Masala, Korma and Saag. 
The famous TV chefs, Si King and Dave Myers, have based the new range upon the recipes from the ‘fakeaways' section of their best-selling cook books. The ‘fakeaways' have been hugely popular with dieters looking for ways to fake their favourite takeaway curries without the associated high fat and calorie content.
Declan Lockett, Marketing Director at All About Food which manages the Hairy Dieters sauce brand under licence, said: "The new Indian flavours taste delicious and are packed with flavourful spices and lower fat ingredients than what would typically be used in takeaway curries, so consumers can enjoy the takeaway experience without the guilt. Our research also shows that people don't want to spend hours in the kitchen working from a recipe*, especially at the weekend when a takeaway might be on the menu, so the sauces will fulfil a need for consumers who are time-poor and may not feel confident at rustling up a curry from scratch."
The three new Indian SKUs all come with on-pack advice on how best to serve the end dish, including protein and accompaniment recommendations, to ensure the end product replicates the traditional favourite.
Declan Lockett, continued: "The cooking sauce category is worth nearly £800million, with low-fat sauces accounting for almost £16million of this**, so we believe there's a fantastic opportunity for the Hairy Dieters new ‘fakeaway' flavours."
The Hairy Bikers, Si King and Dave Myers, commented: "We really love these curry sauces - they deliver great taste and save you money and calories.  We've included plenty of spice and flavour, but without the fat - diets don't have to be about denial.  Best of all you can add them to whatever you like: lamb, chicken, beef, prawns or quorn if you're a veggie.  Buy all three sauces and you'll have three delicious, fragrant fakeaways - enough to feed the whole family but with almost no effort!  Magic in a pan to titillate your taste-buds - fantastic!"
The Hairy Dieters low-fat ‘fakeway' cooking sauces are available in 275g pouches (serves two) and will be on sale exclusively in Asda from June 2014 with an RRP of £1.99.

Original source: All About Food