Amys Kitchen to open new facility

Amy's Kitchen to open new facility

Amy's Kitchen plans to open a manufacturing plant for its range of organic products in Goshen, New York state.

The company intends to break ground on the planned 500,000 square foot site in early 2015 and expects the site to be operational by 2016.

Amy's Kitchen is investing US$95m in the facility, which will employ almost 700 people.

Andy Berliner, the owner of Amy's Kitchen, stressed the site was in the "perfect spot" to supply the group's "largest customers".

He added: "The potential to source so many of our agricultural ingredients close to the plant was another important factor in our decision."

Family-run Amy's Kitchen makes more than 250 organic products, including frozen entrees, pizza, burritos, wraps, soups, beans, salsa and pasta sauce. The group also prosuces cakes, cookies and candy bars.

Click here for an interview held last spring with Amy's Kitchen co-owner Amy Berliner - after whom the company - was named, in which she discussed the company's growth aspirations.