Arla launches chocolate milk aimed at men

Arla launches chocolate milk aimed at men

Arla Foods has launched a flavoured dairy drink, Wing-Co., in the UK as it looks to build value in the dairy category.

Wing-Co. chocolate milk is designed to appeal to a group of men under served in the dairy drinks category, typically men in their thirties and forties that live "credit / debit lifestyles", Arla said.

"The product is set to grow the dairy drinks category by appealing to these balanced blokes by helping them to man up against hunger, countering the insight that they feel less manly when they're hungry," Arla said.

Wing-Co. contains around 40% more protein that other chocolate milks, Arla claimed.

Arla has also started selling Gulp, a milkshake targeted at children, through Asda.

In a recent interview Ash Amirahmadi, Arla UK marketing director and vice-president for milk procurement, told just-food that the company aims to contribute to the structural development of the UK dairy category by building new dairy brands and reducing dependence on promotions.

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"New flavoured milk brand for men fronts Arla's ambitious growth plan in expanding sector; Leeds based dairy company Arla Foods has today unveiled a comprehensive plan to increase its share of the rapidly growing dairy drinks category - spearheaded with the launch of new brand Wing Co.

Available in stores from April 22nd, Wing Co. joins the Starbucks range (a portfolio of ready to drink chilled coffee products produced under license) and GULP (a range of three thick shakes for kids that will be sold initially through ASDA). The brand launch cements Arla's ongoing commitment to add value to milk and it is expected that Wing Co. will play a major role in the company's long term goal to drive the dairy drinks category to a retail sales value of £270 million by 2017.

Through extensive consumer research, Arla have identified a group of men that are currently under served by existing dairy drinks and have named them 'balanced blokes' - typically men in their 30's and 40's that live credit / debit lifestyles. Further research revealed that this group wanted a way to beat hunger without turning to a chocolate bar or packet of crisps.

Launching in a 500g bottle, Wing Co. is a chocolate flavoured milk drink containing 40% more protein than most other chocolate milks. The product is set to grow the dairy drinks category by appealing to these balanced blokes by helping them to man up against hunger, countering the insight that they feel less manly when they're hungry.

Building on the theory that Wing Co. ‘Shoots down hunger, fast', the striking bottle (designed by PB Creative) carries an image of a retro flight commander complete with handlebar moustache, aviator style glasses and an old"school flying hat. The iconography appeals to an adult audience and delivers genuine stand out on shelf.
Led by a series of irreverent press and outdoor ads that will break in early June, the brand will be supported by a fully integrated £2 million marketing campaign that also includes shopper marketing and digital activity, plus a strategic partnership with leading men's magazine Shortlis t. Created by advertising agency CHI & Partners, the stand out ads will encourage men to man up with Wing"Co by parodying traditional male fragrance ads, each one showing rugged man in a feat of over"the"top manliness.

Commenting on the launch of Wing Co., senior brand manager for dairy drinks at Arla, Gareth Turner said; "This is only the first stage in our long term plan to add value to milk for our retailers in the exciting dairy drinks category. We're confident that as a result of our research we've developed a product to keep men going when they need it most - Wing.Co. Shoots down hunger fast What's more, we have great packaging and a comprehensive communications plan. We really are excited about introducing Wing.Co. To our existing range of products and our NPD pipeline."
Available from most major supermarkets and independent retailers from Monday 22nd April, Wing"Co. Will launch on promotion with a recommended retail selling price of £1.40.


Original source: Arla UK