Dairy giant Arla Foods is holding its breath to see if there will be any reaction to three Danish newspapers reprinting a cartoon featuring an image of the Prophet Mohammed.

The newspapers reprinted the cartoon out of solidarity with another cartoonist working for a publication that had originally published the cartoon - deemed blasphemous by some Islamic figures - two years ago.

It emerged last week that there was a plot to assassinate the Danish cartoonist and several people were arrested in Denmark.

Arla flatly refused any comment on the issue and will be hoping it will be less of a problem than when the cartoons were first published.

In 2006, Muslim countries launched a boycott of Arla products that cost the company EUR50m (US$73.7m). Arla lost its place to Danone as the number one dairy supplier to several Gulf states during the boycott.

Apart from minor demonstrations, the reaction from the Middle East so far has been muted.

The Danish foreign ministry said it was monitoring the situation. "We are watching developments closely and will be prepared to react in light of whatever happens," a spokesman told just-food.