Toronto-based Ashbury Biologicals, which develops ethical herbal drug products and nutritional supplements, has initiated a strategic partnership with SSP Co. of Tokyo, Japan. 

SSP is a research-based manufacturer of Over the Counter (OTC) self-medications, dietary supplements, personal care products, and prescription pharmaceuticals. It is the third largest OTC pharmaceutical marketer in Japan.

This alliance will lead to the introduction of products that have been successful in the Japanese market, to the US and the relationship will also lead to new product development. 

"The SSP alliance and our US launch plans are vitally important as the next stage of our commitment to creating a world class health care company with a broad range of science-based herbal and nutritional products as well as prescription pharmaceuticals," commented Ashbury's president, Peter Pekos.

"Given SSP's resources, and our common commitment to science-based health care, it is an ideal combination propelling us towards our goal to be a significant player in the US market."