Finnish meat group Atria has launched a programme to boost efficiency at its Jyväskylä beef and pork production facility.

The company said that it would "clarify" overlapping functions in order to drive synergies. Atria added that it is commencing "personnel negotiations" but did not indicate if - or how many - jobs would be cut.

Atria is targeting annual savings of EUR5m (US$6.7m) to be realised from the beginning of 2015.

Earlier this month, the company booked a loss of EUR4m for fiscal 2013 but saw fourth quarter profitability improve amid cost cuts.

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Atria Finland to boost beef and pork production efficiency at the Jyväskylä plant
Atria has decided to launch a development project in order to improve Atria Finland's beef and pork production profitability and to increase efficiency at Atria's Jyväskylä plant. The project will clarify Atria's currently overlapping functions, the development areas for the Jyväskylä production plant and the synergies with Atria's functions. Personnel negotiations concerning the content of the development project will begin immediately.
Atria estimates that removing overlapping functions and improving efficiency will result in annual savings of about EUR 5 million, which would be realised from the beginning of 2015. This would mean a reduction of about 60 man-years.
In February 2014, Atria purchased Saarioinen's procurement, slaughtering and cutting operations for beef, pork and chicken. The recently launched development measures concern beef and pork procurement and industrial operations at the Jyväskylä production plant.

Original source: Atria