Aurora Organic Dairy, the own-label organic dairy supplier, has said it will "defend itself vigorously" against fraud claims brought in class action suits recently filed in St Louis and Denver, alleging that the company defrauded consumers by selling milk that is not organic.

The Colorado-based company said it would also challenge any similar suits that may be brought, and said it expected to win should these two cases go to trial.
"There is absolutely no basis for claims we defrauded consumers by selling milk that isn't organic - none whatsoever," said Aurora CEO Marc Peperzak. "Aurora Organic Dairy has maintained continuous organic certifications for all of our farms and facilities. Our milk is and always has been organic. Our USDA consent agreement makes clear that all of our organic certifications are valid."

Peperzak added that it was ironic that Aurora should be accused of misleading the public, something he believed the pressure groups criticising the company had been far more prone to doing.

"It's ironic we've been falsely accused of misleading consumers," he said. "The principal sources of misinformation and consumer confusion are the activist groups that are attacking our company and encouraging the filing of misguided lawsuits."

He said he believed if the pressure groups were successful it would limit the supply of organic milk and drive up prices.